Outlander Season 4 character spoilers: Who is William Tryon?

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Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

Tim Downie will play Governor William Tryon in Outlander Season 4. It’s time to delve into the character with spoilers of what to expect this season.

William Tryon is an extremely important character in Outlander Season 4. He’ll be played by Tim Downie, and is the last of the latest five characters to be confirmed as cast for the series. Now it’s time to delve into the character, who is actually based on a real character during the Revolutionary War.

As with all the character breakdowns, there are spoilers in this post from “Drums of Autumn.” I do try to stick to just the upcoming book for the season to avoid future spoilers.

The start of Fraser’s Ridge

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It’s because of Tryon (note Tryon and not Tyron as some of social media have misspelled) that the Frasers are able to gain land to start Fraser’s Ridge. Tryon meets the Frasers while at a dinner party in 1767, which means his first appearance should be early in Outlander Season 4. During this time, the Frasers are attempting to sell their gemstones, but Tryon makes another offer.

He offers a land contract for the back-country of North Caroline. The offer would mean Jamie has to get men to settle on the land and Jamie must answer any call that Tryon makes for help in wars and battles. This is before the Revolutionary War starts, but Claire knows what is coming. It does mean that Jamie will find himself on the wrong side of the Revolutionary War (well, at least, at first).

Jamie does take the land–he’d be a little stupid not to at the time. He’s able to set up Fraser’s Ridge with his family and create something similar to Lallybroch. Showrunner Matt B. Roberts mentioned that the theme of Outlander Season 4 was home and this is where it starts.

The story continues in Outlander Season 5

Assuming the fourth season is only based on “Drums of Autumn” and the fifth season will be “The Fiery Cross,” we’ll see more of Downie’s Governor Tryon in Outlander Season 5.

As his IMDb profile doesn’t have the list of Outlander episodes yet, we don’t know how much of the fourth season he’ll be in. It’s likely to be towards the start of the season to set up Fraser’s Ridge.

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