6 highly-anticipated moments in Outlander Season 4 [Spoilers]

Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

Outlander Season 4 has many “must watch” moments and we’ve broken down six of our most highly-anticipated moments while we wait for November.

Outlander season 4 is one of the most highly-anticipated seasons yet and there’s no surprise there as it’s packed full of moments from the books that fans are itching to see on their TV screens, myself included. Here’s a breakdown of the six most highly anticipated moments, while we get through Droughtlander.

Fair warning to those who have not yet read the books, there are spoilers from “Drums of Autumn” in this article so stop reading here if you don’t want details revealed.

Jamie and Brianna meet

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This is perhaps the biggest moment in Outlander history outside of Jamie and Claire’s reunion in season 3. Father and daughter will meet in season 4 for the very first time. Brianna will travel from the 1970’s to the late 1700’s in order to warn her mother of something, and will, of course, meet Jamie in the process. The best part of the whole reunion is that neither Jamie nor Claire know she’s coming. I CANNOT WAIT!

Introduction of Stephen Bonnet

It feels weird to say I’m “excited” to meet Stephen Bonnet, but I am. Sure, he’s playing the bad guy, and supposedly we’ll hate him more than Randall, but he’s still a major part of Season 4 (and beyond) and I’m excited to see how Starz will handle this complex villain.

The colonies

The colonies will be that backdrop for Outlander Season 4, and that means we’ll see Native Americans (some are good and some are bad) and if you remember the books you’ll remember a very important fight between Jamie and a bear which I’m crossing my fingers WILL be included in the show. We’ll likely see log cabins, rural farms and some of the most amazing landscapes since the Highlands.

A man will travel through the stones

Next season we’ll see a man travel through the stones for the very first time. I won’t give away ALL of the secrets, so I won’t say if he’s coming or going or who it is, but trust me, it will be good.


Okay so this isn’t some huge plot line or turning point, but look how cute Rollo is?!

Aunt Jocasta

We’re going to be introduced to a new member of the Mackenzie clan next season. Aunt Jocasta (Jamie’s maternal aunt) lives in the Colonies and she’s pretty well off. She’ll be a safe haven for Claire and Jamie and the rest of the broad until they can build a home of their own. Aunt Jocasta is being played by Maria Doyle Kennedy, who you might recognize as Queen Catherine of Aragon in the hit show The Tudors.

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