4 things we know about Aunt Jocasta in Outlander Season 4 [Spoilers]

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Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images
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Outlander Season 4 sees Jamie’s Aunt Jocasta become a lifeline.

Outlander Season 4 news is still coming in dribs and drabs. While a small number of roles have been cast, there are still plenty to be confirmed. Fortunately, Aunt Jocasta is one of those that has now been confirmed. Maria Doyle Kennedy will take on the role. But before looking into the actress, it’s time to take a look into the character.

There are many people who want to know more about the aunt. How is she related to Jamie and Claire? What will she be like? Will she actually become a lifeline to the couple now that they’ve washed ashore in the Colonies?

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There are spoilers from “Drums of Autumn” in this book, but there are chances you wanted that when searching for the topic! So, here’s all we know about how Aunt Jocasta could be like in the series. Note we say could be. There’s always the chance that the series will adapt the character a little.

Sister to Ellen, Colum and Dougal MacKenzie

Jocasta MacKenzie Cameron is the sister of Ellen, Colum and Dougal. That makes her Jamie’s maternal aunt and Claire’s aunt-by-marriage. She will be the great-aunt to Brianna Randall Fraser and adopted great-aunt to Fergus Fraser.

As the youngest MacKenzie sibling, Jocasta grew up at Castle Leoch and was relatively close to her brothers. In fact, her third husband would help Dougal smuggle money to Prince Charles to help with the rising.

It would be after Culloden that Jocasta would leave Scotland and start a life in the Colonies with her third husband. They used some of the money they’d intended to smuggle to Prince Charles as a way to start a life in the New World. Hector dies before the start of Season 4, so Jamie and Claire never meet him.

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Three daughters, one living with her

Jocasta is on her third husband by the start of Outlander Season 4. She has one daughter from each of her marriage, although only one is living with her in the Colonies. It turns out her elder daughters, Clementina and Seonag, and their families died during the aftermath of Culloden.

Unfortunately, it also turns out that the younger daughter, Morna, was accidentally killed on the way to the Colonies. This isn’t something that becomes major detail until the fifth book, so we’ll leave the details for Outlander Season 5 (which has a strong chance of happening).

She’s a true MacKenzie

Jocasta is one of those women able to play the long game. She is patient but sly, which could mean she isn’t one for Claire and Jamie to fully trust. There are plenty of other MacKenzie traits in her personality, especially traits similar to Colum.

However, her eyesight is failing. She’s had to give up her beautiful artwork (something she and her sister Ellen could do together) and rely on others.

It’s going to be interesting in how the showrunners handle Jocasta’s look. She’s supposed to bare a resemblance to Jamie, which tells Claire a lot about how Ellen MacKenzie Fraser looked. She is also supposed to have white hair with a hint of ruddiness, but Maria certainly isn’t a redhead. She is left-handed though, which Jamie also is (and Dougal was).


The Frasers will turn to her in the end

During Outlander Season 4, the Frasers will need to decide their next move. They’ve landed in the Colonies with just the wet clothes on their back. While many will know of Fraser’s Ridge, the two have to get there somehow and will need all the family they can trust.

While Jocasta’s loyalties may be a little questionable, there’s no reason for Jamie to think Jocasta would turn against him. There’s no reason for them to wonder if she would open her doors to them. The Frasers will turn to Aunt Jocasta, but if it’s anything like the books it will be towards the end of the season.

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Are you excited to see Aunt Jocasta in the series? What do you know about her for the fourth season? Share in the comments below.

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