What could the late Outlander start date mean for the Golden Globes?

While many of us were just disappointed about a longer Droughtlander when the Outlander Season 4 premiere month was announced, there could be an issue for Golden Globe contention this year.

When Starz announced that Droughtlander wouldn’t end until November, we were all understandably disappointed. We want Outlander Season 4 now. But that news may be even more disappointing when we think about the Golden Globes.

Over the years, the show and actors have had nominations but not quite clinched all their awards. There was hope for Season 4 that it would be the year things would change, but now that might not be the case. After all, the Globe nominations are made in early December of each year. With a November start date for the season, that puts a lot of pressure on the series to show off their actors, design, and production.

Of course, this would depend on when Outlander Season 4 premieres exactly. If it’s the early part of the month, this would allow four episodes or so to air before the nominations are decided on. There’s a better chance to clinching another nod. If the show doesn’t return until late November, there’s a bit of a bigger problem.

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It’s happened before

It wouldn’t be impossible for the series to pick up some nominations, though. Showtime’s The Affair managed to win a Globe despite premiering late. If Outlander‘s production is good enough, this could certainly be one of those fairytale endings.

There’s also the benefit of many votes currently watching the show when the ballots happen. This will mean the series is fresh in the mind, along with many of the performances. Now the question will be is whether the start of the season is strong enough to show off the performances and production quality.

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Golden Globes 2019 is a bigger question

Let’s quickly jump ahead to Outlander Season 5. The fifth season isn’t likely to air in 2019. As much as we’d like it to happen, the break in filming is likely going to push the fifth season to a January 2020 start date at the earliest. To be on contention for the Golden Globes 2019, the season would have to start in 2019.

However, there is a better chance for the Golden Globes 2020. By airing at the start of the year, all the episodes can air before the nominations are balloted. This could lead to a better chance of a win! Plus, since Game of Thrones‘ final season airs in 2019, there will be less of a fight up against that cable production.

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