Bees Daily Lines: Claire talks stomach acid, excrement, and mucus

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Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

Claire and Fanny discuss more science in this weekend’s Bees Daily Lines from Diana Gabaldon. This time it’s all about the disgusting but sometimes useful things in life.

Claire is making the 18th century a more knowledgeable place one person at a time. In this weekend’s “Bees” Daily Lines, she is teaching her assistant Fanny about all the things found under the microscope. In this snippet, it’s all about the elements swimming around in the water, which moves onto a discussion of stomach acid, excrement, and mucus.

Hopefully, you’re not trying to eat while you read this snippet! However, it does touch on how useful some of the most disgusting things in life really are.

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During the Daily Lines from the ninth book, “Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone,” Claire touches on how most of the bacteria in water aren’t harmful to the body. The stomach acid is able to digest it. The only thing that is a problem is excrement.

Well, that leads to Fanny being worried at the idea of acid living in the stomach. While it may be useful, the people of the 18th century are clearly only used to dealing with dangerous acid that burns through things. Surely, the body should be nothing if there’s acid in the stomach. That leads to the discussion about mucus. Yes, there’s snot in the stomach!

That is, there’s something like snot. And Claire goes onto explain more, which leads to the discussion of how the area between the legs gets so slippery. Who would have thought snot could be so useful!

While some fans have picked up on the science being slightly incorrect, Gabaldon defended her decisions in the comments on the post. This is extremely basic science for a woman who would have only known what she picked up in a brothel.

Check out the full snippet from the weekend’s “Bees” Daily Lines for your Monday entertainment.

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