Diana Gabaldon Book 9 #DailyLines touch on nurture vs. nature

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Many shows and books touch on nurture vs. nature and Outlander is just the same. Diana Gabaldon’s Daily Lines for her ninth book hint at her touching on this debate.

The #DailyLines from Diana Gabaldon are always exciting. Never really in order, the snippets give teases and insights for her upcoming ninth novel, “Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone.” The most recent lines touch on the nurture vs. nature debate, with young Willie bringing up the fact that he is Lord John Grey’s stepson.

There are spoilers in this for future books, as you would expect from something about Book 9 Daily Lines.

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In “Voyager” and Outlander Season 3, fans of the series learned that Jamie Fraser had fathered an illegitimate son during his one-night-stand with Lady Geneva. Lord John Grey would end up raising the boy and it’s in a subsequent novel that Willie finally learns the truth. Understandably, Willie is angry and upset. Everything he has believed for years has all been a lie.

Sure, he knew that Lord John Grey wasn’t actually his father, but he never knew the truth about Jamie. In the #DailyLines for “Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone” he is clearly still getting used to the idea of Jamie being his father.

When the conversation about Lord John Grey and Willie speaking like the Grey family comes up, Willie is quick to remind Amaranthus that Grey is his stepfather. The way he speaks must have been something he learned, rather than being inherited with. Is it possible that Willie would have picked up more from Jamie if he had the chance? Is it a case of nurture tends to win out if taught from a young enough age?

If you want to read all the lines from the day, you can check out Gabaldon’s Facebook page. It’s an interesting snippet and you don’t need to know all the details of the previous books to understand the message.

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