Does Outlander really fit into the romance genre?

Fans struggle to determine the genre Outlander fits into because it fits into so many. Is romance the right option for the story?

If you ask Diana Gabaldon, she’ll tell you that “Outlander” isn’t a romance. In fact, even the showrunners of the TV series have said that it’s not a romance. It’s a love story and there’s a huge difference. Yet fans still look at the books as a romance and bookstores continue to put the books in that category.

Is romance the right genre? Does the story really fit?

Technically the first one on its own does

“Outlander” would technically fit into the romance genre. It’s a story of Claire and Jamie finding their way to each other. At a few points it looks like all hope is lost, but in the end they get their somewhat happy ending.

That’s Gabaldon’s definition of a romance.

However, Gabaldon also points out that romances don’t have a continuation. The happy ending is it. There’s no story of what happens next and that is definitely not the case for Claire and Jamie. Their story continues in not just a second story but into an eighth story so far. The ninth is being written and there are plans for a 10th and final novel.

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Outlander Season 5

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It’s also whatever you want it to be

To be honest, if you view it as a romance, there’s nothing wrong with that. Why does there have to be an argument over what genre the story fits in? If you love romance stories and love the “Outlander” book series that’s all that matters.

The only issue is when it comes to putting it in the right place in the books stores. Men don’t really like to read romance novels. It may be a generalization but statistics do show that women are more likely to read romance than men. However, there’s so much more to “Outlander” than the love story.

I view it as a time-traveling, historical-fiction, love story. It’s the historical fiction and time travel that drew me in. The love story I don’t need as much. But that’s a personal choice.

For many, it is a romance novel. We all have different opinions on what makes something a romance. It is whatever you want it and believe it to be. There’s no point in arguing over something like this when there’s such a deep story to delve into.