Photos of Outlander Season 4 filming show Laoghaire and Joanie return

Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

Fans who thought Outlander Season 3 was the last they would see of Laoghaire were surprised with filming photos of actress Nell Hudson, Sophie Skelton and more.

Outlander Season 4 is still in the middle of filming and fans have managed to get the odd sneaky photo. With filming taking place in Culross this week, fans have looked for any signs of their favorite actors and actresses. Just yesterday, one fan shared photos of Sophie Skelton and a couple of other surprise actresses, making it clear that Season 3 wasn’t the last we’d seen of Laoghaire and Joanie.

Nell Hudson and Layla Burns were spotted in their period dresses. It’s clear that the viewers will be taken back to Lallybroch or somewhere near, even if you haven’t read “Drums of Autumn.” However, the big question for many will be why. Will Jamie and Claire make their way back to Lallybroch from the Colonies?

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Well, another image gives a few clues of the things to come. Sophie Skelton was also spotted, but also wearing period dress under her very modern coat and gloves to protect her from the current cold snap in Scotland. Brianna Randall Fraser will take a trip to the past and meet her Laoghaire, the woman who’s marriage to her father had been null and voided during the last season when Claire returned.

This is certainly going to create some fireworks at Lallybroch. Claire never told Jenny about the birth of Brianna. While Jenny asked if Claire had children, Claire opted for a very diplomatic “not with him” while talking about her husband she had after Jamie. It wasn’t a lie, but she never brought up the fact that Jamie had a daughter, because trying to answer a question about Brianna’s whereabouts would have been tricky.

Now it looks like Laoghaire is going to find out Jamie and Claire had a child. This could cause some extra problems for finances and rights to property. Arguments are likely to happen, especially as Laoghaire is already bitter that Claire returned and she lost Jamie because of it.

Poor Joanie is likely to be caught in the middle. At such a young, impressionable age, she will likely be forced into disliking Brianna because her mother does—similar to the way Marsali initially disliked Claire.

This is all based on theories for those who haven’t read the books. Those who have read “Drums of Autumn” will known more of what will happen in Outlander Season 4 and won’t be surprised to see Laoghaire and Joanie return.

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Outlander Season 4 continues to film. The premiere is expected sometime in fall 2018.

Are you excited to see Laoghaire and Joanie return? What do you think will happen with Brianna’s appearance at Lallybroch? Share your thoughts in the comments below.