5 New Year’s resolutions Claire should probably make on Outlander

Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

New Year’s resolutions may have been something Claire did in the 1960s and she should now make them in the 1760s.

New Year’s resolutions are those common goals you set every year. They tend to be made to be broken just weeks later. Whether it’s to lose weight, be a better person or save more money, they’re ways to improve your life and your relationships. Outlander’s Claire needs to seriously think about some New Year’s resolutions.

Claire can be stubborn, tends to be somewhat set in her ways and expectations and gets herself into a lot of trouble. Here are five New Year’s resolutions she should probably set now that she’s in the New World on a new adventure.

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Do as she’s told just the once

As a woman, seeing Claire stand up for her beliefs and opinions is important, but there are some instances that she should just do as she’s told. While she has a lot of knowledge of the future, Claire doesn’t know that much about 18th century life. It’s going to be hard enough for Jamie in Outlander season 4, so it could be almost impossible for Claire.

Every time Jamie has told her to remain in one place, Claire has done the opposite. And each time she has gotten herself in trouble. Whether it’s being caught by Black Jack Randall, caused havoc at a slave market, or almost been tried as a witch, Claire has proven not doing as she’s told could risk her life!

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Accept some of the 18th century ways

At no point should she accept everything, but there are some that just aren’t really going to hurt anyone. The best example was Claire’s insistence that the men on the Artemis shouldn’t believe in their superstitions. Despite the captain explaining why he allowed them to believe and pretended that he did too, Claire continued to argue with him.

There are times that she just needs to keep her mouth shut. Just accept that there are some elements of the 18th century world that she can’t change and don’t really need to change. The elements that are deplorable, fight against them as much as you like, girl! But choose which battles are worthwhile!


Not go in search for adventure

Claire tends to let herself get into prickly situations. Maybe there is an element of fate. Maybe Claire was always supposed to find Geillis again and maybe Claire’s return did lead to Jamie and John meeting again. Either way, it’s time for Claire to sit back and enjoy the peaceful life.

Jamie and Claire really do deserve this. Don’t find ways to prevent wars happening and avoid trying to change history. Also, encourage the rest of the family to stay out of trouble and enjoy quiet now and then. This is also one of the New Year’s resolutions Jamie really needs to make, so maybe they can do it together.

Tell the truth to someone else

It’s time for a few people to learn the truth about Claire’s time travelling. Sure, not everyone she tells is going to believe her, but there are particular people in the Murray family that deserve the truth. Jenny, Ian and Young Ian are just three who deserve to know. It would explain so much for Jenny and once she accepted the time travel aspect, she’d be able to understand why all the secrets were kept.

Fergus also needs to learn the truth. He would have been heartbroken believing that Claire had been killed and was definitely shocked to see her back (and not just because of Laoghaire). Now that Fergus is part of the family, Claire should tell him as part of her New Year’s resolutions.

Find a couple of female friends

Having Jamie and Fergus around is great, but Claire desperately needs at least one female friend. Or at least just any friend that is just hers. Having Joe around was sweet. He was someone to listen to her worries and thoughts without any judgment. Claire needs someone else like him but with the 18th century a female is more likely the best option.

Jenny was the closest Claire had to a friend and that bridge is being remade at the moment. Marsali would be a good option, except the fact that she’s in her teens. Claire needs someone close to her own age, who has been through some of the same life experiences. It’s a shame Geillis turned out to be evil and a little crazy, because she could have been perfect.

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