5 New Year’s resolutions Jamie should probably make

Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

It’s that time of year for New Year’s resolutions.

Will you make any new Year’s resolutions? While it wasn’t a thing to do in the 18th century, Jamie should certainly take up the habit. He’s been in far more trouble than he should have been in thanks to the terrible period for Highlanders, his actions in the Jacobite rising and his decisions to get into the smuggling business.

Now that he’s made it to the New World, it’s time for some new resolutions. Since 2018 is just around the corner, this is an excellent time for Outlander fans to look at it. Here are five New Year’s resolutions he should probably make.

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Start following the law

Whenever Jamie has done something outside of the law he’s got in trouble. While he attempted to get along with his printing business, he made seditious material on the side and was smuggling alcohol under an alias. He knew they were both wrong, but it was like he just couldn’t help himself.

Sure, he was hurting with the loss of Claire. He was trapped in a loveless marriage with Laoghaire, with just the girls to make him happy. He tried everything to protect his family, but it all seemed to go wrong. The man couldn’t even die on the battlefield like he expected!

Now that Claire is back, it’s his chance to start afresh. Maybe he can start by following the laws of the land.

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Stop being so stubborn

Part of Jamie’s charm is his stubbornness, apart from its sometimes so bad that it gets him in a lot of trouble. His love for Claire mixed with that stubbornness almost got the people close to him killed. He was willing to commit mutiny, which was out of character for him but showed his desperation in the circumstances.

It’s time for him to stop being so stubborn. He knows that it can lead him to do dangerous things, but he doesn’t seem to care. Claire is now back and they’re in a new, unfamiliar land. It’s time to leave some of the stubbornness at the water’s edge.

Accept people can come up with brilliant ideas too

Jamie started to listen to people around him a little more in Outlander season 3. He needs to make a resolution to continue that openness. Fergus and Marsali had the best plan on the Artemis in the end. Their plan prevented mutiny, showed their love for each other, and got Jamie out from captivity below the deck. He’s also seen how Claire can have excellent survivalist ideas.

This resolution is important now they’re in the new land. While this is Jamie’s era, he’s never been to the Colonies. He has no idea how they’re run or what to expect. Claire can help with elements, but Marsali, Fergus and Young Ian could be extremely useful.

Put himself first

Everything Jamie usually does is for other people and it is an awesome side to his personality at times. When he does try to put himself first, he’s made to feel guilty for it. It’s time to stick to his actions and put himself first for once.

Of course, this doesn’t mean break the law or hurt other people while doing it. However, there are times that he can say “no.” There are instances where he can choose his happiness over the happiness of others.

One of the perfect instances would have been to have Laoghaire arrested for brandishing a pistol (there would have been a way to manage Marsali and Joanie). Doing something for Laoghaire and the girls meant his nephew was kidnapped and almost killed. Everything could have ended with just a slightly selfish action.

Stop chasing adventure

Finally, it’s time for his to sit back and enjoy some time with Claire. There’s no need for them to chase adventure. There’s this idea that a quiet life is boring, but it could be just what the two of them need to finish finding their way back to each other.

There is going to be plenty happening around them in the next season. However, he doesn’t have to do everything. Trust in Fergus to handle some of the situations. Delegate to other people he knows. Make an effort to focus on more alone time with Claire.

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What do you think Jamie’s New Year’s resolutions should be? Share in the comments below.

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