‘Outlander ‘ ICYMI: Through The Stones Week of 9/28


Get caught up with everything Outlander with Claire &  Jamie. Here’s everything you missed last week!

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Live Web Interview with Diana Gabaldon

Although Diana doesn’t plan to go on tour for the release of The Outlandish Companion Volume 2 or The Official Outlander Coloring Book, she will be doing a live web interview. The web-i-view will be hosted by her local bookstore, The Poisoned Pen!


This Video of Jamie Putting on A Kilt Is All You Will Ever Need

A deleted scene from Outlander Season 1 Collector’s Edition DVD. In this clip from Lallybroch, Jamie gets dressed…

‘Outlander’ Season 2: 10 Most Anticipated (Potential) Scenes!

What might be coming up in Outlander Season 2? Here are some of our most anticipated scenes from Dragonfly in Amber that we hope will make it into the script!

‘Outlander’ Season 1 Deleted Scene!

The Collector’s Edition DVD for Outlander Season 1 Park 2 came with several deleted scenes. This one, between Jamie and Claire, is more than a little creepy.

Why Brianna and Roger Will NOT be in ‘Outlander’ Season 2

A fan theory explaining why Brianna and Roger won’t be making an appearance in Outlander Season 2!

5 Reasons Sophie Turner will never be Brianna Fraser on ‘Outlander’

Had you hoped Sophie Turner might make the move to Outlander? Sorry to say, we don’t think that will EVER happen.

‘Outlander’ Season 1 Gag Reel!

Take a peek at the Season 1 gag reel! Those falls, though…

‘Outlander’ Book 9: Cure Droughtlander with Diana’s Daily Lines

Diana loves posting Daily Lines of the book-in-progress. Currently that’s book 9, and so far she’s posted some fantastic snippets! Get caught up here!

Outlander IRL

‘Outlander’ Pop! Vinyl Figures

Have you seen the adorable Outlander Pop! Figures? They would make a great gift for the Outlander fan in your life!

The ‘Outlander Look’ and How To Get It Now

Take a look at Outlander fashion and get inspired to get the look yourself!

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