Take a look at Sam Heughan in Bloodshot

Bloodshot -- Credit: GRAHAM BARTHOLOMEW -- Acquired via EPK.TV
Bloodshot -- Credit: GRAHAM BARTHOLOMEW -- Acquired via EPK.TV /

We know Sam Heughan is in Bloodshot, and there was a sneaky look at him in the recent trailer. Now the actor has given us another look on Instagram.

Many Outlander fans are excited to see Sam Heughan get more and more projects. Don’t worry about it affecting filming in Scotland. He’s always said that he’ll see Jamie Fraser through to the end, which means that we can celebrate when he gets a new project. And Bloodshot is the one that’s coming up next.

Recently, fans got a chance to see a first look at the actor in his new role. It certainly looks like he’s going to play the villain of the story. However, considering the whole setup of Bloodshot, it is important to question whether he is the villain or not. Could he be one of the brainwashed soldiers that Vin Diesel’s character is going to help?

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While we ponder that, Heughan shared a photo from the movie. This is a chance to see the full look without the spider legs from his back. His character is walking around with metal legs, showing that he certainly went through some dramatic changes during a war.

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However, what’s intriguing is the way he holds his finger up and the explosion that’s happening in the background. Is he able to detonate a bomb with his fingers or is he holding onto the detonator in his hands? It’s hard to see, but you can get a glimpse of the snapshot below.


We don’t know too much about Heughan’s character. After all, he’s playing a character that isn’t even in the first graphic novel of the series. Just how much will he be in this movie? We’ll have to wait and see!

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What do you think of the snapshot of Sam Heughan in Bloodshot? Do you think he’s friend or foe? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Bloodshot will be out in February 2020.