Sasnak City 2019 trailer: Mandi Tucker impresses with guest-focused video

Photo: Sasnak City 2019.. Image by Alexandria Ingham
Photo: Sasnak City 2019.. Image by Alexandria Ingham /

Mandi Tucker created the Sasnak City 2019 trailer, introducing the cast members who would take to the stage. It wasn’t all about Outlander, either!

One of the great things about conventions is seeing the works of art from fans. Mandi Tucker brought her video masterpiece to Sasnak City 2019, and it was the official trailer for the event. It opened the show and had everyone on their feet cheering.

The video was a chance to showcase the guests who would be part of the whole weekend. This wouldn’t have been easy to do with some last-minute additions, including Nell Hudson and Colin McFarlane joining in the last week. However, Tucker brought style, fun, and excellent clip decisions to fans.

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This wasn’t just about the roles in Outlander. After all, the actors are known for so many other roles, whether it’s David Berry in A Place to Call Home or Gary Lewis in Gangs of New York. There were clips from past and present thrown in, so you know that everyone within the audience had something they could smile about.

For the clips that you don’t recognize in the video, this is a chance to see more with your favorite Outlander actors. Who doesn’t want to check out Maria Doyle Kennedy in Orphan Black now? What about Cesar Domboy in The Walk? This is a video that will certainly give you ideas of movies and TV shows to check out during Droughtlander.

Check out the Sasnak City 2019 video below and let’s celebrate how awesome Mandi Tucker is!

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What type of fan-made things do you look out for? How do you share in the love of Outlander? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Keep a lookout for the official dates for Sasnak City 2020.