Outlander Season 5: Will the quacking hilarious gaff make the gag reel?

Photo: Sasnak City 2019.. Image by Alexandria Ingham
Photo: Sasnak City 2019.. Image by Alexandria Ingham /

The gag reel is a popular part of the Outlander boxsets. We’re looking at the gaffs that could be included in the next one. Will one Tim Downie make it?

There is no doubt that the gag reels are among the best parts of the Outlander DVD and Blu-ray boxsets. We get a chance to see some of the gaffs and laughs on set. Tim Downie shared something in recent filming during Sasnak City that we hope to see pop up on the gag reel.

During the opening ceremony, a fan asked about keeping a straight face during important scenes when something funny happens. There was absolutely nobody who could beat Downie’s quacking hilarious story.

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There’s a scene where he has to remain serious at all times. It’s a huge moment, although Downie didn’t share who he was exactly filming with at the time. But what he did share was that there was a duck that kept quacking in the background. He tried his hardest to continue and at one point, he thought the duck had left. Just as he started doing the scene again, the duck started up again.

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While we don’t know when it happened, there’s the possibility that it was from Downie’s first night shoot with Sam Heughan. That took place a week ago.

Throughout the convention after that, fans couldn’t help but quack at various moments of panels. It was all in good fun and nobody took things too far to disrupt the whole panel. It was one of those moments that people just had a lot of fun about and we now need to see something from it in the gag reel. Are you paying attention, whoever does the gag reel?

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What would you like to see make it to the gag reel? What do you love or hate about Downie’s Governor Tryon? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Outlander Season 5 premieres on Feb. 16 on STARZ.