How did Geillis Duncan survive the witch trials in Outlander?

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In Outlander Season 1, we last saw Geillis Duncan being taken for execution. How did she save the witch trials to show up in Season 3?

The last we saw of Geillis Duncan in Outlander Season 1 was her being taken off by the people of Cranesmuir. They were happy they had their witch, especially when she showed her “devil’s mark.” But we later see her in Season 3 in Jamaica. How is it possible that she survived?

No, it’s got nothing to do with time travel. Geillis was shocked to find out that Claire had traveled through the stones multiple times (and did it without a sacrifice). Instead, it was all thanks to being pregnant and having Dougal MacKenzie by her side.

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While Geillis told people that she was carrying the devil’s child, there’s no way that the people would have executed her while she was pregnant. There was a chance the child could be saved—innocent life would have been spared. That would have given Dougal time to find a way to save the woman he claimed to have loved.

In Outlander Season 3, Episode 13, Geillis gives Claire a quick rundown of the events that happened. Geillis gave birth to the baby, who was given to William John and Sarah MacKenzie, the couple whose baby had been “taken by the faeries.” After that Dougal was able to smuggle her out.

That’s really not that surprising. In the novel, Dougal tells Claire that Geillis has been executed, and of course he would tell her that. He still didn’t fully trust Claire and wouldn’t want Claire telling anyone that Geillis was still alive.

Of course, Dougal didn’t do it out of the goodness of his heart. In the novels, Diana Gabaldon goes into more detail. Geillis put Dougal’s dirk to their child’s throat, threatening to kill the baby if Dougal didn’t get her out alive. So, he found a body double to be executed instead and got Geillis to France.

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