What was with the rabbit in the Outlander Season 3 premiere?

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center /

During the Outlander Season 3 premiere, Jamie watched a rabbit hop around on the battlefield. What was the purpose of this animal?

In the Outlander Season 3 premiere, a rabbit hopped around the battlefield. It certainly didn’t belong and would usually be around so many dead bodies, but it was an important symbol within the episode. Jamie watched it as he slipped in and out of consciousness and was a sign of things to come for him.

The third season overall has a rabbit theme. It all connects to Brianna’s toy rabbit and you see it again in Episode 10 when Elias Pound has the rabbit’s foot. While there will be a way to connect Brianna and Jamie in the episode, there’s far more symbology that you may have overlooked—symbology that is important within this moment in Jamie’s life.

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A rabbit is a symbol of fertility and good fortune. It’s why a rabbit’s foot is considered to be lucky. When a rabbit crosses someone’s path, they may be thinking about starting a family. In Jamie’s case, it could be linked to his belief that his wife and daughter are safe in the future.

Rabbits can mean positivity in the romance department. Considering Jamie also saw Claire on the battlefield in one of his hallucinations, it would make sense that this rabbit was a connection to Claire returning to Jamie later in his life.

When a rabbit is seen in dreams, it can be a sign of the helpful tools a person has around them in their life to flourish. We know that Jamie would go through a dark patch but would find his way out of it with his ability to connect to other people, especially his ability to connect with Lord John Grey. That bond (the unique relationship they have) would lead to fortune and good luck in Jamie’s life.

Considering the situation Jamie was in during Outlander Season 3, Episode 1, it’s not surprising that a rabbit was used, It was just a look at the fortune Jamie had ahead of it. Yes, it’s easy to focus on the bad in his life, but let’s remember that he gained a son (questionable circumstance but still a son), he was able to live while many others died, he was reunited with Claire, and now he’s in a new world with land of his own. There are positives within the darkness.

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What did you think of the rabbit in the Outlander Season 3 premiere? Did you realize that there was symbology behind it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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