Would Claire have regretted not searching for Jamie for 20 years?

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center /

In Outlander Season 2’s finale, Claire learned Jamie was still alive. Would she have regretted not searching for him for all these years? Here’s why possibly not.

For 20 years, Claire didn’t search for Jamie, holding up a promise she kept to Frank. In the Outlander Season 2 finale, she learned that Jamie had been alive all this time. She could have been with him. But would she have regretted that decision?

I doubt she would have. There would have been a part of her sad that she didn’t get to spend 20 years with the man she loved, but at the same time, she was angry at the man. For years, she was angry that he’d sent her away to live with Frank, a man she didn’t love as deeply any more. So at first, she wouldn’t have necessarily wanted to search for Frank.

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While there would have been some thoughts of regret that crept in, there were many good things that came for Claire when she was back in her own time. And at no point did she believe that Jamie even survived at Culloden. She was certain that Jamie had died, and she had no idea that even Frank was looking into it.

In the 20 years that she wasn’t looking for Jamie, she managed to chase after another dream. She became a doctor while raising her daughter, watching her become a young woman.

Part of Claire would have likely been relieved that she didn’t search for Jamie before Roger learned that he was alive. Had she known he was out there somewhere, she would have felt guilty not going back. And she couldn’t go back with Brianna being so young.

Outlander — Courtesy of STARZ — Acquired via STARZ Media Center
Outlander — Courtesy of STARZ — Acquired via STARZ Media Center /

In fact, when Claire did learn that Jamie was alive and where he was, Claire had doubts about going back to him. She couldn’t leave Brianna alone, and it was Brianna who helped convince her.

With all that playing in her mind, I don’t think she even felt guilty about not searching for Jamie all those years ago. If she had, she would have just wondered “what if?” or felt guilty about not being able to go back and then guilty about even thinking of leaving her daughter.

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Do you think Claire would have felt guilty for not searching for Jamie? How would she have felt when she heard Jamie was alive? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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