25 best shows on Netflix during Droughtlander: Russian Doll is a worthy watch

Russian Doll -- Courtesy of Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center
Russian Doll -- Courtesy of Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center /

If you’re looking for TV shows to get through Droughtlander, Netflix is the place to turn. Russian Doll is a must-watch for Outlander fans.

Droughtlander is hard and long, and you’ll be looking for ways to get through it. Watching other TV shows is a popular option for many because there’s so much great content out there. Netflix is one of the best places to turn for the likes of Russian Doll, which is now on the list of best shows for Outlander fans.

You’ll want to see where Russian Doll has landed on the list of TV shows to check out during Droughtlander.

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While the show is set in the present day, it still has some connections to Outlander. One of the biggest is a fantasy mystery that needs to be solved. Russian Doll takes on the Groundhog Day theme, with a person dying over and over again and reliving that night. However, there’s a twist. Nadia isn’t alone, and there’s something mysterious going on with each loop.

This is one of those shows that offers some of the best character development for its lead character, played by the excellent Natasha Lyonne. Nadia is unapologetically selfish. She’s just a downright awful person at the beginning, but she soon realizes that things may need to change if she wants to get out of this time loop.

Far too often, women are written as perfect with no flaws. There was a time where we weren’t allowed to have bad character points unless women were supposed to be hated. Times are changing and Russian Doll gives us a very real character with multiple layers and plenty of growth.

With only one season of eight episodes, this is the perfect binge-watch. The second season has been confirmed, which is excellent news for those who realize that they need more of this mysterious world of life and death.

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Russian Doll is now available on Netflix.