25 best TV shows on Netflix: The Woods joins the list

The Woods - Courtesy of Netflix/Krzysztof Wiktor
The Woods - Courtesy of Netflix/Krzysztof Wiktor /

Outlander fans will want to check out The Woods on Netflix

This Droughtlander is hard. There’s no doubt that you’re looking for ways to fill the time. As an Outlander fan, you’re going to want to turn your attention to The Woods on Netflix.

While it doesn’t initially seem like an option for Outlander fans, there are some elements that stand out. We’ll get into that as we break down the reasons to watch.

The series has now made it to the list of 25 best Netflix shows to watch during Droughtlander. You can check out the entire list to see where it has landed, as well as look at the other 24 suggestions we make.

Why The Woods is certainly worth the watch

Let’s start with the fact that this is a book adaptation. It’s based on one of Harlan Coben’s books, an author who has had a number of his crime novels developed. You can also check out The Stranger on Netflix while you’re trying to get through Droughtlander.

The Woods offers something for Outlander fans that others don’t. We get two timelines working together. As we’re seeing the story in the present day, we get flashbacks from 25 years ago that tells us the story of our lead’s missing sister.

Where has she been all this time? Was she one of the murdered teenagers?

Outlander fans love their time travel. After all, if it wasn’t for time travel, we wouldn’t have seen Claire and Jamie meet. While The Woods doesn’t involve time travel, it can feel like it as we see the past play out on the screen.

It’s a worthy adaptation of the novel. The series is well-written and easy enough to follow with plenty of twists and turns. The downside is you’ll need to read the subtitles as it’s a Polish thriller, but that’s worth it. You may be used to it with closed captions to understand the stronger Scottish accents anyway!

The big downside is that there’s only one season, and that’s likely all we’re getting. It’s written well as a limited series, and I do believe that’s the way it should stay.

Check out the trailer for The Woods on Netflix.

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The Woods is available to stream in full on Netflix.