Graham McTavish appears open to returning to Outlander

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center /

We all know that Graham McTavish’s Outlander character, Dougal, died in the second season. However, the actor has made it seem like he’s open to his character returning. How would that work?

Outlander Season 2 saw the end of the initial overarching storyline. We said goodbye to Dougal, Angus, Rupert, and more. However, just because they’re dead doesn’t mean they can’t come back, and Graham McTavish appears to be open to a return in a future season.

During an interview with, the actor, who is currently appearing in Preacher‘s final season, shared that one of the beauties of time travel is that anything is possible. While we may not be able to see a way for Dougal to come back as long as the show follows the book, almost anything is possible.

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In fact, one of the easiest ways with Outlander is to bring characters back through flashbacks. That’s what happened in Season 4 to bring Tobias Menzies’ Frank back into the story. The scenes were used to help show Brianna’s guilt for leaving the 20th century and going in search for her biological father.

The show could certainly explore the use of more flashbacks to bring some of our favorite actors back into the show. There are moments in “The Fiery Cross” where Dougal is mentioned. Instead of Claire and Jamie just talking about him, we could get the flashback of the story they’re mentioning instead.

Anything more than that would likely be a jump-the-shark moment for the TV series. It would also heavily divert away from the book storyline and not for a plausible or viable reason in the way keeping Murtagh alive has worked out.

However, it would be great to see Graham McTavish on the show again. Maybe there are flashbacks in the works? McTavish is certainly still close to the cast and seems open to a guest star role.

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Would you like to see flashbacks with Dougal? Who would you love to see return to the show? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Outlander Season 5 filming continues.