Why the Power spin-off is excellent news for Outlander

Power -- Courtesy of STARZ
Power -- Courtesy of STARZ /

STARZ’s Power is getting a spin-off. This is excellent news for fellow STARZ Original, Outlander, and here’s why.

When Power Season 6 was announced as the end of the series, many feared the worst for Outlander. However, I immediately thought it wasn’t something bad. The show was just coming to its natural end, and now there will be a continuation of the story with the Power spin-off.

Back in December 2018, STARZ announced a spin-off was in the works. Now, Mary J. Blige is attached to the series, which suggests that the show is being aimed at the female audience that STARZ is focusing on right now.

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But how does this affect Outlander? Well, it doesn’t, but it does hint at hope for the future.

When STARZ shared Power Season 6 would be the end, there was a thought that the network had canceled one of its strongest Originals and it was linked to Lionsgate’s takeover. That certainly wasn’t the case. After all, Season 6 being the end was hinted at during Season 5! There was always an ending in mind, and Power is delivering on that.

STARZ could have forced the show to be on the air for longer, which would have likely meant a loss in quality. Instead, STARZ agreed to the end and also agreed to a spin-off to continue a different storyline. The premium cable network wants its strongest shows to remain on the air, which takes us back to Outlander.

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The hope for Outlander

Right now, Outlander is the second most-watched show on STARZ in terms of live viewers. That could be much higher when you look at the subscribers, but STARZ doesn’t release that information. With this in mind, there’s little chance the network is going to just cancel the series. As long as it holds up in ratings, this is a show that will be renewed in the future.

It’s not like there isn’t a storyline. Diana Gabaldon has eight released books, one currently in production, and a 10th planned. There’s plenty more story to tell on the TV screen.

Outlander Untold
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What about spin-offs?

But the Power spin-off also gives us hope for the future outside of the main storylines. Those who would like to see Outlander spin-offs, such as to tell the stories of Lord John Grey and Master Raymond, could see that come to fruition.

I think STARZ will want to see how the Power spin-off does on the network first. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m sure this it the first time the network has done a spin-off of one of its shows. Ash vs. Evil Dead was a revival of the Evil Dead movies, but there has never been a spin-off of an original.

Spin-offs can be a huge risk. They don’t tend to have the large fanbase as the parent shows unless you’re like Frasier! Testing the waters on a show that is coming to its natural ending is better than testing it on a popular show with still plenty more story to tell.

But either way, the news of a spin-off for Power is excellent news for Outlander‘s future.

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What do you think about Outlander‘s future? Are you excited to see what’s planned? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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