25 shows on Netflix during Droughtlander: You has made it to the list

You -- Courtesy of Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center
You -- Courtesy of Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center /

When you’re looking for ways to get through Droughtlander, Netflix is a good place to turn. You has now made it to the list of 25 shows you need to watch but where is it placed?

If you’re looking for new shows to get through Droughtlander, Netflix certainly has your back. It’s a streaming service of Originals and other networks’ shows, bringing some of the best from the past and present. You has now made it onto the list of 25 best shows on Netflix for Outlander fans.

Where has it made it to the list? You’ll want to delve into the list to find out.

You was originally a Lifetime series in the United States and a Netflix Original elsewhere. Now it’s an Original worldwide, as Lifetime opted to cancel the series. It’s done so well on the streaming service that a second season was a no-brainer. And it’s certainly worth the watch.

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I will warn you now, this is a binge-worthy show. I got through all 10 episodes in a day. There’s no point that I felt it was possible to stop, constantly needing to know what Joe was going to do next — whether he would go as far as he could in his stalker-like ways.

You also doesn’t fall into the trap of having a goody-two-shoes female protagonist. Beck is flawed. She has her wishes and her aspirations, but she also has her limitations. Constantly needing to be accepted into her friendship group and seen as one of them, she overspends, is awful at timekeeping, and has some extremely dark secrets.

However, you still root for her. As a viewer (especially a female viewer), you want to see her find out Joe is her stalker so she can get out.

Check out the full list of 25 best shows on Netflix to get through Droughtlander below.

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Is You on your list of shows to watch? What shows do you binge to get through Droughtlander? Share in the comments below.

You Season 1 is now available on Netflix. Season 2 is in production.