Outlander spoilers: What did Adawehi mean about Claire’s power?

Outlander -- Photo credit: Outlander/STARZ -- Acquired via TV Time
Outlander -- Photo credit: Outlander/STARZ -- Acquired via TV Time /

When Claire meets Adawehi in Outlander Season 4, Episode 4, there’s a prophecy of sorts. Adawehi shares that Claire’s medicine will be stronger when she has white hair. What does this mean?

Outlander Season 4, Episode 4 introduced Adawehi and we heard some interesting comments about dreams and prophecy. The prophecy is something that stands out for many, but what exactly did it mean?

We can look at the book, “Drums of Autumn,” for details, as the prophecy comes from there. Adawehi is based on the character Nayawenne from the novel, and mentions that Claire has medicine now but will have magic when her hair turns white. I’m going to keep the book spoilers to a minimum, though, and look more into what this means for Claire in the series.

Outlander Season 3 cut out a character from “Voyager” that would have linked to this storyline. It’s only a minor disappointment as the character wasn’t really essential to understand this prophecy.

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Right now, Adawehi is saying that Claire only heals because of her medicine. She has the 20th-century practices that help her physically heal people, which is something we’ve seen her use for various reasons. However, there’s more to come. Over time, Claire is going to be able to heal in the same way as Master Raymond.

This links to Adawehi’s dream of the white raven and the egg. While many believe that this is about Brianna traveling through the stones or even Claire’s ability to travel, the use of the “white” raven is a clue that it’s linked to healing.

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White animals are precious and a sign of peace. They’re rare and spiritual, which links to Claire’s need for white hair and healing. The stone mentioned will also come up later and will be linked to Claire’s healing powers.

Adawehi is simply sharing what’s to come for Claire in the future in terms of her powers. This is something Master Raymond has shown and we know he called her the Madonna because of her blue light — a light that connects to healing and the ability to travel.

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What did you take from Adawehi’s prophecy and dream? What do you think is in store for Claire? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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