Why didn’t Brianna tell Roger she was going through the stones on Outlander?

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Roger had to learn from Gale that Brianna had taken a trip to Scotland on Outlander Season 4, Episode 4. Why wouldn’t Brianna have told him what she was planning?

You would have thought you’d let someone know you were going to the past, right? Especially when you know the past is a dangerous place and you’re not sure if you’ll even get to where you want. Outlander Season 4, Episode 4 saw Roger learn from Brianna’s friend, Gale, that Brianna had gone to Scotland and we all know what that means.

Why wouldn’t she have told Roger? After everything, surely telling Roger that she was planning to go to the past would have been a smart thing to do.

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While she may have been worried he’d have stopped her, that’s not the reason Sophie Skelton gave to The Hollywood Reporter. During an interview, Skelton shared that there was one simple reason Roger didn’t get to know: Brianna thinks the relationship has ended.

It all links back to that moment on the phone when Brianna is about to say something and Roger cuts her off. He just ends the conversation with a goodbye and, to Brianna, that means he’s moved on. It’s an easy assumption to make and understandable considering everything that had happened between them. They hadn’t spoken for months and he ended the conversation so abruptly.

Because she was sure Roger was done with her, she decided not to tell him that she was heading to the past. In fact, this may have been part of her reason to go to the past. She’s not quite been whole with her mom gone but at least she had Roger. Now that relationship is over (for now, at least), she needs to get back the only other person left.

It wasn’t a malicious decision to head to the past without telling him. Part of her would have thought he’d never find out. So sure the relationship was over, she wouldn’t have expected him to call again. She didn’t expect to hear from him again and wasn’t going to be the one to pick up the phone.

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