Outlander Book 9 spoilers: The box of letters answers will be given

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Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly /

You likely have a lot questions about the box of letters Brianna and Roger found in An Echo in the Bone. Some of those answers will be given in Outlander Book 9.

Diana Gabaldon is still working on “Outlander” Book 9, titled “Go Tell the Bees When I Am Gone.” She’s given a few teasers through snippets, which she calls her Daily Lines. We’ve seen that Brianna and Roger are still very much part of the story, along with Lord John Grey, Willie, and so many more. In the ninth book, Gabaldon has also shared that we’ll get some answers.

Those who haven’t read the books yet should be aware of major spoilers in this post. I don’t think you’d read, but I just want to cover my back in case.

Some of the biggest questions from “An Echo in the Bone” surrounded the box of letters that Brianna and Roger found. Stashed in a box, the first letter made it clear that Claire and Jamie survived the event that Brianna had gone back in time to tell them about. But how did those letters get to where they are? Who gave them the box? And what’s in that final letter?

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While we won’t get all the answers, “Outlander” Book 9 will give us some of the answers. During an interview with Parade, Diana Gabaldon confirmed that we’d at least get the answer to how the letters got to where they are.

Will we get to find out who the box belongs to, though? That’s something Gabaldon didn’t share. There’s some hope but no concrete confirmations to tell us so. However, if we learn how the box got where it did, there’s a chance we’ll learn who the box belongs to. The only thing we know so far is that Jem’s name was on the box, which thwarts the theories that it was the box Lord John Grey gave to Claire as a wedding present.

What about that letter in the handwriting neither Brianna or Roger recognized? I think that will be something saved for the 10th and final “Outlander” book.

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What do you think about learning some truths about the box of letters? Are you excited about Book 9? What would you like to learn in “Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone?” Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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