7 STARZ shows to watch to get through Droughtlander

Photo credit: The White Princess/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: The White Princess/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /
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7. Camelot

As the name suggests, this historical fiction show is based on the tale of King Arthur. There have certainly been plenty of these shows and movies over the year, whether you look at the Charlie Hunnam-starring movie King Arthur: Legend of the Sword or the Disney animation Sword and the Stone.

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So, what makes Camelot different? Why is it worth watching? One of the reasons is definitely the cast. It starred The Handmaid’s Tale‘s Joseph Fiennes (as Merlin) and Penny Dreadful‘s Eva Green (as Morgan Pendragon), among a number of other high profile actors. In fact, it was because of the stars that the show only got one season!

And it’s the single season that makes it so good for getting through Droughtlander. You’ve got 10 episodes to get through. One a week will give you plenty of content until you wait for Outlander to come back on.

There have certainly been other versions of the tale, but not quite like this. Fiennes’ Merlin installs the young Arthur as king after the death of King Uther. Nobody knows about Arthur as he was raised a commoner, but he is the one destined to lead the country out of the dark future Merlin has envisioned.

Of course, there’s always someone there to mess up the line of succession. Morgan, Arthur’s half-sister, wants the crown instead. She’d been banished by her father and is responsible for his death. Now she wants to take the crown and lead the country into darkness. Will she succeed?