Sam Heughan didn’t want one line to be in the Outlander Season 3 finale

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Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

There was one line that nearly didn’t make it to the Outlander Season 3 finale. Sam Heughan didn’t like a line that is actually in the novel, Voyager. Diana Gabaldon has shared all.

While the writers have their jobs of creating the scripts, the actors become the characters. They figure out what characters would likely do and say and do have a part in the wording. We know Sam Heughan is deeply involved once he gets the script, as he chose not to follow on particular direction from the script in “A. Malcolm.” It turns out the Outlander Season 3 finale had a line that nearly didn’t make it.

According to the Express, Diana Gabaldon shared that Sam wasn’t certain about the line: “Sassenach, if you die on me now, I’ll kill you.” I remember a few people in Facebook groups around the time the finale aired who weren’t too happy about it, but it’s one of those lines that comes straight from the book “Voyager.”

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Take a look just pages from the end. Claire hears Jamie say the words to him, as she starts to lose consciousness from almost drowning. Sam didn’t think it was appropriate for his character to say that.

In the end, the line was kept in the Outlander Season 3 finale. Whatever was said and whoever convinced him isn’t quite clear. Diana shared a story that showrunner Matt B. Roberts had told her, and he was the one who said the line had to be kept. It is one of those lines that is important within those final pages of “Voyager” after all.

Personally, I enjoyed the use of the line. There a level of ironic humor within in, when you’re so desperate that you’ll try anything to keep the person you love alive. It’s certainly one of those lines that have become a trope or a cliche, but it never took me out of the moment in the series or in the books. I’m glad it was kept in.

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What did you think about the line in the Outlander Season 3 finale? Were you happy that line from the book was kept? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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