TV Guide magazine has an Outlander special you don’t want to miss

Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

Still looking at ways to get through Droughtlander? Need to know more about Outlander Season 4? Don’t miss this week’s edition of the TV Guide magazine.

All eyes are on what’s to come in Outlander Season 4. We have a new trailer and a highly-likely premiere date, so now it’s all about learning more of what’s in store for our favorite characters. The focus is growing beyond Claire and Jamie, with focuses on Brianna and Roger, Marsali and Fergus, and Lord John Grey and William. You can find out more this week in the TV Guide magazine Outlander special.

It’s also a double issue of the magazine this week, which suggests there is a lot of juicy news from the set. If there’s not much about the actual footage of the fourth season, there’s going to be plenty of what goes on behind the scenes. Expect photos that haven’t been shared yet and highlights of how Scotland was turned into North Carolina for the season.

The magazine will be available on shelves today. Go to your local grocery store, bookshop, or corner store to grab your copy. You’ll want to keep it for your Outlander collection.

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What does this mean for the next set of promos? Well, we may see a few extra photos released from Starz. It would be good to get a few more official photos of Outlander Season 4 to get another idea of what’s to come. Even some promo photos for Aunt Jocasta, Stephen Bonnet, and Ulysses would be good, along with one of Fergus and Marsali.

Hopefully, there will be another trailer or an official announcement on the premiere date soon. However, another teaser or trailer may not happen until September or October, a little closer to the release date.

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