Why is it people can always reread the Outlander books?

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Fans around the world routinely reread the Outlander books. Just why are these books so easy to reread?

Put your hand up if you’ve read the Outlander books more than once? I guarantee that you won’t be alone. Fans will reread the novels over and over again. Starting from the beginning, they go through each book one-by-one. Once they get to the end of the eighth, they go back to the start again.

There are a few reasons these novels are so easy to reread. Diana Gabaldon has even shared her thoughts, suggesting the daughter of one fan who doesn’t enjoy the novels wait five years. Opinions change as we get older and our life experiences change. That’s certainly the case. Different parts of the story stand out as we get older. We focus on different parts of the love story and find different elements interesting as we age and gain new life experiences.

It’s not surprising that there are fans of all ages reading the novels. Some are just starting in their teens or early 20s, while others are delving into the 100th reread in their 60s and 70s.

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There’s always something new to find

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One of the things I love about rereading the Outlander books is finding a new detail I didn’t spot the first time. There’s no way we can find all the beautiful details and elements the first time round. Each read through brings a new meaning, especially when reading comments from Diana Gabaldon and other fans.

The length of the books are a positive for this reason. While they’re difficult to cut down to 13 episodes in a season, the length means more detail and more intricate elements. There’s more moments to catch with your next read-through, finding conversations, descriptions, and thoughts from the characters that connect to other parts of the novels.

This links to the fact that age and experience changes our thoughts and opinions. The things we experience in life or the situations we’re currently in will cause certain moments in the books to stand out, changing experiences each time we read.

Of course, the Outlander books aren’t for everyone. There’s going to be a selection of show fans that don’t enjoy them as much as others. Some people don’t even like the books or series at all. We all have our own opinions.

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What do you think makes the Outlander books so easy to reread multiple times? Why do you enjoy them so much? Share in the comments below.

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