9 Places every Outlander fan should travel

Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

A list of 9 places that every Outlander fan should see the next time they venture to Scotland.

It’s a natural curiosity to want to visit the locations that you are reading about and watching, and while I encourage everyone to travel I also want to urge all visitors to be respectful of each location. Many of the items listed below are of historical significance to Scotland and should be treated with reverence. Outlander author Diana Gabaldon has asked fans to take particular care at memorial sites, and I agree.

I have compiled 9 of my bucket list locations in order to help you plan your dream Outlander vacation!

Doune Castle aka Castle Leoch

Doune Castle will be recognized by Outlander fans as Castle Leoch, the home of Clan Mackenzie and where Claire is brought to live shortly after meeting Jamie. The real castle is located in Castle Hill, Doune, Perthshire and is open to the public most of the year. The castle was used for multiple outdoor scenes and dates back to the 1300s. It was built by “Scotland’s uncrowned king”, the 1st Duke of Albany.

Visitor information can be found here.

Glencorse Old Kirk


Fans should recognize this church immediately as the place where Claire and Jamie marry. It’s “nestled in the foothills of the Pentlands,” and still serves as a wedding venue to this day! Though it’s not set up to accept visitors like some of the other landmarks are, it’s quite possible to get a view of the exterior most days.

Information can be found here. 

Midhope Castle aka Lallybroch

One of my favorite locations is Midhope Castle, located on the outskirts of Edinburgh. This is the filming location for Jamie’s childhood home — Lallybroch. The castle is located on private land, though they do grand exterior visits with pre-approval. Due to farming in the area, visitors have sometimes been turned away for safety reasons.

Visitor information can be found here.

Linlithgow Palace aka Wentworth Prison

Linlithgow Palace is dripping in rich Scottish history as it is the birthplace of Mary, Queen of Scots, but for Outlander fans it is the setting of Jamie’s rape and torture at the hands of Black Jack Randall. It’s located in Kirkgate, Linlithgow, West Lothian and is open to the public most days.

Visitor information can be found here. 

Culloden Battlefield

Many who read the Outlander series or watch the show do not realize that the Battle of Culloden is a very real and significant battle in the history of Scotland and visitors can pay their respects to those killed. Many reports have been made stating that Outlander fans are disrespecting the somber mood of the site by taking selfies, and I ask that if you visit this location you think about those who never came home.

Here is Diana Gabaldon speaking about the very emotional location.

Visitor information can be found here. 

Callanish Stones aka Craig na Dun

There would be no Outlander if it were not for the standing stones of Craig na Dun. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) the stones are fictional, but there are many locations throughout Scotland where you can view actual standing stones. The stones used in the series are called Callanish Stones and are located in a low ridge above the waters of Loch Roag, with the hills of Great Bernera in the background.

Visitor information can be found here. 

**Readers of the novels may also be interested in the location of the stones which author Diana Gabaldon is pictured between on the back of the earlier copies of the books. That information can be found here


The city of Inverness is mentioned many times throughout the books and show and it’s a must-see for any Outlander fan. Walk the streets that Claire walked when contemplating her life in the first episode. Hunt for the bed and breakfast that Claire and Frank were staying when Claire went missing (although this is in Falkland). Get a beer at the pub where Frank meets the woman who says she knows what happens to Claire.

Visitor information can be found here.

Highland Museum

In order to truly understand the pain and suffering of the Highlanders you would need to have lived through it, but since we can’t travel through time like Claire, we CAN visit the next best thing — the Highland Museum. See Fort George, memorabilia from the Highlanders and learn all of the histories about the Scotish people. This is a great pit stop while heading through Inverness as its located within the city.

Visitor information can be found here.


Have you ever wondered where the opening credits of Outlander was filmed? This beautiful vast village located in the heart of the Scottish Highlands is called Glencoe and is easily accessible from Inverness. It would be a shame to go to Scotland and not see this vast beauty.

Visitor information can be found here. 

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Have you still not had your fill of Outlander locations? Download this printable map with many more locations to visit when you sassenachs are in Scotland.