Outlander theory: Could Claire and Laoghaire be related?

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Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

There are many Outlander theories out there. One possible character connection could be Claire and Laoghaire.

Is it really possible that Claire and Laoghaire are somehow distantly related? It’s one of the Outlander theories, based on the idea that Fergus could be one of Claire’s ancestors. This is all linked to the theory that Fergus is the son of Comte St. Germain. Bear with me as we delve into the theory that Claire’s archnemisis is her ancestor.

There are minor spoilers in this post if you haven’t read the books or the theories.

It’s all in the genes

We know that time traveling is possible through the genetic link, which may come direct from Master Raymond. Many theorize that Comte St. Germain is able to time travel and it’s through him that the gene passes onto Fergus–apparently Fergus can time travel.

Great, but how does this link to Claire?


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Well, Fergus is believed to be the son of the comte and Amelie Beauchamp. Recognize the surname? It’s Claire’ maiden name. Fergus’ decendents may eventually lead to Claire. And remember that Fergus’ children are with Marsali, the daughter of Laoghaire.

That would create the link between Claire and Laoghaire. It’s no wonder they keep running into each other when they’re linked through genetics, right? Oh, how will the two react if they ever found something like that out?


Only if the other Outlander theories are right

Of course, this only works if the theory about Fergus is right. Even if it is, it then only works if he’s the one who’s line leads to Claire. It’s possible that Amelie’s sister is the one who gives birth to the line that leads to Claire. Fergus will still be an ancestor but not a direct ancestor and that would mean Laoghaire isn’t one of Claire’s ancestor.

Time travel certainly creates a headache. This is one of those fun Outlander theories that is worth the headache.

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Do you think Claire and Laoghaire may be related? What will Claire do if she finds that out? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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