Why Outlander fans should join with the Clockblockers to save Timeless

TIMELESS -- "A History of San Fran" -- Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC -- Acquired via NBC Media Village
TIMELESS -- "A History of San Fran" -- Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC -- Acquired via NBC Media Village /
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TIMELESS — “The Salem Witch Hunt” — Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC — Acquired via NBC Media Village /

Timeless has been canceled after two seasons. This could certainly be a show Outlander fans could get behind to help save.

One of the reasons many Outlander fans love their show is for the history. Diana Gabaldon has done hours of research into the history of Scotland, Europe, Jamaica, and the Colonies. That research shines through time and time again, whether we get the initial buildup to the 1745 Jacobite rebellion, a look at real figures from history, or even just mentions of the things that happened in certain time periods.

While we certainly continue to watch for the love story and the way the drama unfolds, the history plays an important role for all. That’s why Timeless could be just the show for you. The series was recently canceled after two seasons, but fights have already started to get it picked up by Netflix, Amazon, and even Hulu.

This is a time when multiple fandoms come together. After all, we’d want help if it was our show getting canceled, right? Here’s why Outlander fans should join with the Clockblockers (the name of the fandom) to help save Timeless.

It’s a look at American history

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The whole show is based on history. It all starts with a potential terrorist stealing a time ship to go back and stop an evil organization from killing his family. But he doesn’t just want to stop the deaths of his family, but bring an end to the whole of this organization. The government gets a team together to stop this from happening.

There’s a whole look at various points of American history, including the Revolutionary War, the Salem Witch Trials, the Suffragette movements, the legend of Robert Johnson, and even the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. If you love the history told in Outlander, you’ll certainly look at this look at different elements of American history with each episode.