#WCW: Why Brianna in Outlander Season 3 is a beautiful soul

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Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

Brianna didn’t get a lot of screentime in Outlander Season 3 being in just the first half of the season. However, she was a beautiful soul on the screen, making her our #WomanCrushWednesday for the day.

Outlander Season 2 introduced us to Brianna in the finale. The third season helped to develop her character more. As an only child who had just found out her father wasn’t actually her biological father, she was standoffish and troubled at times. It’s easy to overlook a major sacrifice she made that makes her a beautiful soul in Outlander Season 3. This is why she’s our #WomanCrushWednesday for the day.

While you may think of the arguments Brianna and Claire had, it was clear that Brianna was just a young girl struggling with the truth. After 19 years of believing that Frank was her father, her whole world turned upside down. Suddenly, she found out her parents’ marriage certainly wasn’t a happy one, time travel was real, and her biological father was an 18th-century Highlander. With all that combined, it’s not surprising that she decided to move out and drop out of school to find herself. Yet, she became a beautiful soul.

She opened up about her fears

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In “Freedom and Whisky,” Harvard held a memorial for Frank. It was in this moment that Brianna finally found the courage–yes, courage–to admit her fears and talk to her mom about them. The reasons for her lashing out became clear. She was afraid that Frank had always hated her and Claire had always resented her. After all, she was very much like Jamie.

Opening up made her human. She had the chance to show her worries; the worries that all of us would likely have had with the knowledge she’d gained. At no point was she angry at Claire once she learned the truth. She wasn’t moving out to be spiteful. This was a young girl who needed to find her way and she realized that way was with her mom.

She sacrificed her last living parent

Sure, Brianna was 20 years old by the time Claire had found real proof that Jamie was alive and had thought about returning through the stones. At 20, many of us were thinking about moving out or had moved out a few years earlier. But for most of us, we knew we had our parents just there to turn to.

I’ve moved thousands of miles from my parents, but I know I can get in touch with a phone call or Skype call. Brianna wasn’t going to have access to that. When Claire went through the stones, she was going to lose the only living parent she had left. After losing one parent, she was effectively becoming an orphan.

Yet, Brianna knew that her mother’s happiness was important. She knew that her father’s happiness was important. After Jamie had sacrificed his own happiness for the sake of Brianna, Brianna was able to do the same for Jamie. She did something many of us would struggle to do, all to put her parents’ dreams and wishes first.