New novel After the Party could get you through Droughtlander

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Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

If you’re looking for another novel to get through Droughtlander, consider After the Party, It even has an Outlander connection.

Nell Hudson has offered a new novel to help Outlander fans get through Droughtlander. Okay, she didn’t technically put it out as a Droughtlander tip, but it is an important novel to her with a Claire and Jamie connection. The new novel, “After the Party,” is the second novel by Nell’s own mom.

Written by Cressida Connolly, the novel is available from today and Nell couldn’t be more proud of her mom. In a tweet, the actress best known to Outlander fans as Laoghaire (or affectionately LegHair) shares that her mom is her female role model.

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The novel, set in pre-Second World War Britain, tells the story of Phyllis Forrester. Her and her family return from working abroad, to a country with mixed political affiliations and another war brewing on the horizon. While most of the story is set in 1938, the actual narrative is Phyllis looking back over her life–the reasons for her now-imprisonment. It’s all about the political views and the events that happened after one fateful party.

Reviews from those who have had review copies of the book are positive, praising the beautiful storytelling and the unique angle taken with the story. This isn’t a typical pre-World War 2 novel, but one that tells a different side and the growing dangers within certain political circles.

There are mentions of the characters being difficult to warm to, but maybe that is supposed to be the point. This isn’t full of the most positively-viewed characters and comes from a viewpoint of a bitter woman now in prison.

Those who want something slightly different to get through Droughtlander will certainly get that from “After the Party.”

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Will you pick up a copy of the novel? What are you reading to get through Droughtlander? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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