Outlander Season 4 filming back in Cumbernauld Glen again

Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

Outlander Season 4 filming has already been in Cumbernauld Glen. It’s returning back to the location for the final episode of the season.

Cumbernauld Glen is a popular location for Outlander Season 4 filming. It was there earlier this year and now it’s back, possibly for more Fraser’s Ridge storylines. The filming is likely for the season finale, which Sam Heughan had previously said filming for was starting.

Fans have learned about the filming due to a notice being placed in the area. One fan who lives closeby found the note and took a photo of it to share on social media. While for some it’s a notice to remain away to allow filming to happen, it is also a notice for fans that there’s a chance they’ll spot their favorite actors.

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It’s unclear who will be part of the Outlander Season 4 filming so far. As this is for the season finale, it’s likely to be the end of the book. However, we have no idea just how much of the story will remain the same. The series has already made some changes to the original story for their production and more changes could come.

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It also seems like the timeline is a little off compared to the book. This is something showrunner Ron D. Moore hinted at earlier this year. He said that while the stories may be familiar, the timing of the events will be odd for the book lovers. However, it would be very hard to bring something from the end of the book forward, so we’ll likely see the final moments in the book playing out in the filming now.

The notice for filming also indicates what may happen for people in the local area. This captures the attention of those who wouldn’t normally expect filming in Cumbernauld Glen…although we’re not sure who the people who don’t watch Outlander are!

Filming will take place on May 28. This could arguably be bad timing for the series, considering it’s a bank holiday weekend. Plenty of people will go to the glen for a walk with the family, but needs must to keep the production on time.

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Are you excited to see more Outlander Season 4 filming notices? Will you spend time at Cumbernauld Glen on Monday? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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