Is it really possible to avoid spoilers with social media?

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Not everybody can get to a TV in time to watch their favorite shows. Is it possible to avoid spoilers on shows like Outlander by going on social media?

We live in a world where television consumption is increasingly on our own terms. With the increase of on-demand and streaming services, it has become less important to catch a favorite television series or show when it airs. Yes, we also live in a binge-watch world as well. However, is it possible to avoid running into spoilers if you happen to be on social media before you’re all caught up on your favorite show like Outlander?

Well, this all really depends on the type of people and accounts you follow on social media. You might have a better shot at not getting your favorite show spoiled on a platform like Facebook, where you are more likely to actually have met your friends in real life than on something like Twitter.

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Given that Twitter is predominantly an immediate overreaction to life in real time, let’s just say you will probably need to stay off Twitter before you get a chance to catch up on your favorite show if you can. Twitter doesn’t care about your feelings or if you had other plans that caused you to miss the latest episode of Outlander on Starz.

You don’t have to unfollow or mute everybody you follow that happens to like this show, but you could. That might take forever, and you are probably better off just not consuming social media all together until you’re caught up on Outlander.

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So do you have to avoid social media all together to avoid getting an episode spoiled? Maybe for a bit, but do keep in mind an unwritten rule with regards to television consumption. Usually fans of a particular show will give you a week grace period to get caught up. Life happens. People get it.

However, you can’t stay in the dark on your favorite show more than a week. By that point, the viewing contingency has already moved on to the next episode and has clearly forgotten about you.

Try your best to get caught up within 48 hours. Otherwise, you will miss out on virtually everything social media has to offer.

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Overall, you will have to shy away from Twitter usage to avoid spoilers because that’s the Wild, Wild West of social media. If you have a better grip with your friends on Facebook, yes, you can still use that social media platform and feel good about your favorite show not getting spoiled. It only serves you to get caught up as soon as you can. You’ve got some TV to watch then, okay.