5 WTH moments from the Outlander season 3 finale

Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

While overall the Outlander finale was beautifully done and full of intense moments, there were some elements that threw fans for a loop.

No episode is ever going to be perfect. There are times that even in the world of fantasy, elements don’t make sense. Some moments felt forced, out of character, or were overlooked. These moments don’t ruin the overall storyline (most of the time) but they can take you out of the story for a brief second.

Here’s a look at those WTH moments in the Outlander season 3 finale. They’re the questions that you have that you don’t always get the answers to.

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What did Fergus do after getting that note?

When Fergus sees the note from Claire, he quickly races off and almost leaves Marsali behind. She ends up going with him but that’s the last the two are seen until the Artemis at the end of the episode. Just what happened to them throughout the episode?

It was briefly mentioned in the episode but very easy to overlook. Fergus and Marsali went to Lord John for help. Obviously at some point, Fergus learned more about why Jamie and Lord John were friends and he decided that Lord John would help to get Jamie out of Captain Leonard’s hands. After all, Lord John cares almost as much as Claire and Fergus, but in a much stronger position to do something useful.

Why have the voodoo ritual?

There are many fans disgusted by the use of the voodoo ceremony, viewing it as a mockery to the culture. It was actually a very important element from multiple sides. The first is that it connected back to the pilot of Claire seeing the pagan women dancing around the stones in Scotland.

It was also a moment to connect with Margaret, as she was viewed as powerful and respected by the local slaves. This was also a connection to Geillis. These slaves belonged to Geillis and she was likely using the ceremony as a distraction should Claire have escaped.

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Wouldn’t Young Ian know all about time travelling now?

The conversation that happened in the caves was long and drawn out. Young Ian was awake and alert for all of it, which means he should have heard everything Geillis and Claire was saying. He would have heard all about time travelling.

Will that mean he understands a little more about Claire in the future? Will he start to piece bits of puzzles together and bring up questions about time travelling? Maybe the trauma will be blocked out, especially after that storm and shipwreck!

Why did Young Ian pick up those gems?

Before running from the cave, Young Ian made sure he picked up all the gems that were left behind. Why would he do something like that? Surely he would have just wanted out of there.

Well, these gems were ones from the treasure that had gotten him kidnapped. He’d have wanted to gather something to show for his time in Jamaica; to make all this seem worthwhile. What should be the bigger question is why he didn’t pick up the photo? Did he even see the photo and what will that mean if (or more likely when) Brianna comes to the past.

How did Claire survive drowning?

The calm waters in the eye of the storm were a little unbelievable. Even in the eye, there would still be a little wind, enough to make the water bob up and down. But it’s easy to overlook that when there’s a bigger issue; one that really doesn’t have an answer.

Jamie pulled Claire up and assumed she was dead. Granted he wouldn’t have known much about checking for her pulse or the full nature of drowning, but Claire said in the narrative that she was dead. If that was so, how did she wake up on the beach? She’d have been dead for much longer than the seven minutes it takes for the brain to shut down. Even if it was seven minutes, there would have been brain damage due to the lack of oxygen.

Either Claire wasn’t actually dead (which doesn’t make sense since she was unconscious under water for a long time) or the showrunners messed up at some point. Which one is it?

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What were your WTH moments from the Outlander season 3 finale? Share in the comments below.

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