Where could Rebus stream in North America?

After post-production completed, Viaplay stopped production in the UK. What would that mean for Rebus? Well, it was sold to the BBC in the UK, but what about the U.S. and Canada?
"Outlander" Premiere - 2023 Tribeca Festival
"Outlander" Premiere - 2023 Tribeca Festival / Arturo Holmes/GettyImages

Outlander fans were excited to see Richard Rankin lead his own series. He landed the role of Detective Inspector John Rebus in the Viaplay reboot of the series. However, Viaplay shutting down production in the UK put this series on the line.

BBC picked up the Rebus reboot in the UK. Fans will get to see the series on iPlayer on Friday, May 17. All eix episodes will drop at once, and then the episodes will air weekly on BBC One on Saturday nights starting May 18.

What about in North America, though? Where could the series go? Will we even get to see Rebus?

Rebus doesn’t have an official home in North America yet

The bad news is we don’t have a home for the series just yet. While BBC bought the show for UK viewers and SBS bought the series for Australian viewers, there hasn’t been a deal made in the U.S. just yet.

However, the BBC getting the series in the UK does point to BritBox potentially getting the show. This is where a lot of BBC One shows end up going, and it would make sense to put Rebus on there. It has fellow Scottish drama series Karen Pirie, which stars Outlander’s Lauren Lyle.

Another great option would be Acorn TV. This is the home of a lot of British, Australian, and Canadian shows. There are a fair few crime dramas as well, including the likes of Murdoch Mysteries and My Life Is Murder. So, the series would certainly have a home on the network. There is even an Outlander connection with Murdoch Mysteries as Charles Vandervaart was in a few episodes of the period crime drama.

Want another network with an obvious Outlander connection that has a history of British dramas? How about Starz? This is the home of The White Queen and Mary & George. It’s also the upcoming home of The Couple Next Door, although Sam Heughan fans are still waiting for a premiere date for that.

BritBox arguably does make the most sense. However, we’ll have to keep an eye out. After all, Outlander fans are excited to see their favorite stars in other shows.

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