Who will Sam Heughan play in The Couple Next Door?

Sam Heughan has landed another role in the series The Couple Next Door. Who will he play in this psychological thriller? Will he be a good or bad guy?

There is no doubt that we’re excited to see what the Outlander actors get up to after the series is done. Some of them are landing projects now, which may come out during the two remaining Droughtlanders we have. For Sam Heughan, it’s all about another series that will head to STARZ, The Couple Next Door.

He stars opposite Eleanor Tomlinson from Poldark and The Nevers. The psychological thriller follows a couple that moves into a new neighborhood only to find themselves constantly looking like they fit in and feeling like they don’t. When two characters who shouldn’t have an illicit night together, things take a turn for everyone.

Sam Heughan’s character in The Couple Next Door

We knew Sam Heughan best as Jamie Fraser. While he is a protagonist, he isn’t perfect. One of the great things about Diana Gabaldon’s characters is that they have human flaws. However, deep down, Jamie is a good man, and he always tries to do what is right.

That doesn’t mean Heughan will always play these types of characters. We’ve watched him play the antagonist at times. He’s played the hero, and he’s played someone who is a suspect in a murder investigation. Who will he play in The Couple Next Door?

Heughan will play Danny, an alpha traffic cop who ends up having a passionate night with Tomlinson’s Evie. Danny and Evie are married to other people, so I’m sure there are a lot of Jamie fans who will be disappointed by Danny’s actions in this.

That’s all we know about the character so far. Well, Danny is married to a yoga instructor called Becka, played by Jessica De Gouw, but we don’t get to know just how happy their marriage is or whether the two play a little game with new neighbors.

Stay tuned for updates about The Couple Next Door on STARZ.