Rebus reboot starring Richard Rankin lands a UK premiere date

After a lot of questions about the Rebus premiere date with Viaplay closing down UK productions, there is some great news. Richard Rankin's series will premiere in the UK this month!
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Outlander fans got some exciting news for Richard Rankin last year. He landed the lead role in the Rebus reboot, which was set to head to Viaplay.

Then the streaming platform put the show in jeopardy. The streamer chose to bring an end to productions outside of the Nordic countries, leading to questions about what would happen to the already-produced series.

The good news is the series was shopped around. Now the UK has landed a premiere date, and it offers hope for those in North America ready to watch the show.

Rebus reboot is coming in May 2024

Rankin shared the good news of the premiere date on social media. Rebus Season 1 will premiere on BBC iPlayer on Friday, May 17. The series will also air on BBC One, but not until the day after. You’ll be able to watch episodes starting Saturday, May 18. All six episodes will drop on iPlayer at once, but they will air on BBC One weekly.

This is only in the UK. iPlayer isn’t available around the world, but it does offer hope for those of us in North America. The series is finding a home where it can, and it is clearly being shopped around. Now eyes are on which streamer (as it’s likely to be a streamer) will pick up the series in North America.

BritBox seems like the best of the options. BritBox works with other British networks to bring shows to us, including the Karen Pirie series starring Outlander’s Lauren Lyle and the new series After the Flood starring Peaky Blinders star Sophie Rundle.

Another good option would be Acorn TV, which includes A Place to Call Home starring Outlander’s David Berry. Acorn TV is the home to the original series, so it would work well to have the reboot there.

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The Rebus reboot will be on BBC iPlayer on Friday, May 17.