Susan Twist's character in Doctor Who explained: Was she The Doctor's granddaughter?

With the mention of The Doctor's granddaughter and the constant placement of Susan Twist in Doctor Who, there were a lot of questions about whether this character was The Doctor's granddaughter. All has finally been revealed.
Doctor Who. Credit: BBC Studios
Doctor Who. Credit: BBC Studios /

There have been many questions about Susan Twist’s characters in Doctor Who Season 14. All has finally been revealed.

Caution: We’re going into spoilers from Doctor Who Season 14, Episode 7

At first, we just wondered if it was a weird casting choice. When Susan Twist showed up more, with Ruby and The Doctor recognizing her. It led to many fans speculating that she may be The One Who Waits.

Well, she was connected to The One Who Waits, but she wasn’t that figure completely. We now have an explanation as to who she has been this whole time.

Susan Twist’s character is Susan Triad

The Doctor and Ruby headed to UNIT, knowing they’d be able to help get to the bottom of Susan Twist’s character. In the current day, they found her as someone called Susan Triad, the head of a technology firm who seemed a little dangerous at first glance. That’s especially the case when you consider that we knew UNIT utilized Triad technology, and the company only became S. Triad Technology two years before Episode 7.

The Doctor figured out that S. Triad was an anagram for TARDIS, which led to some other theories. One was that she was The Doctor’s granddaughter, called Susan. That was a theory a lot of people had, especially with him mentioning his granddaughter to Ruby when they travelled to 1963.

Susan became an avatar for Sutekh, also known as The One Who Waits. He is the God of Death, and a god who has been attached to the TARDIS secretly for what seems like centuries. The god used Susan Twist’s avatar throughout time to keep track of The Doctor, and it’s possible that the connection to the TARDIS helped create the name Susan to trick The Doctor.

So far, we don’t know how he put multiple versions of this woman throughout time. Maybe we’ll get some answers in the Doctor Who Season 14 finale. However, it seems like this is the end of Twist’s characters showing up now that the God of Death is here.

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