Who is the One Who Waits in Doctor Who?

Doctor Who continued the idea that something big is coming in the second episode of the new series. Who is The One Who Waits?
Doctor Who. Credit: BBC Studios
Doctor Who. Credit: BBC Studios /

When the questions of the identity of The One Who Waits first came up, eyes were on Jinkx Monsoon’s character. However, “The Devil’s Chord” made it very clear that they are not The One Who Waits in Doctor Who.

Maestro is their name, and they are connected to another character already seen. They called The Toymaker “Daddy,” and they mentioned “The One Who Is Waiting.” We’re pretty certain that this is the same person as “The One Who Waits,” who The Toymake mentioned.

The Doctor has no idea who this is. However, it’s clear that this person is powerful—powerful enough for the powerful Toymaker to avoid.

The One Who Waits is likely Meep’s boss

We can also look back at the first episode of the 60th Anniversary specials of Doctor Who. Meep mentioned a boss, who was bigger than all of them. The Doctor pretended to know who The Boss was, but then admitted that he didn’t know. This is something for Fifteen to figure out.

It’s likely that The Boss is also The One Who Waits. Could it be linked to the character in the Christmas Day special?

Is The One Who Waits hiding in plain sight in Doctor Who?

At the end of the Christmas Day special in 2023, we went back to Mrs. Flood, who is definitely a woman who waits and watches. The show broke the fourth wall as Anita Dobson looked at the camera and smiled. She knows exactly what the TARDIS is, which has brought up various theories.

With the name Mrs. Flood, could it be possible that she’s an aged River Song? Or is it possible that she is The One Who Waits? She has certainly been a neighbor of the Sundays for a while, and it seems like she keeps an eye on Ruby. Why would she do that? She could be Ruby’s biological mother, but she could also be something much more dangerous who knows why Ruby is so special.

All we know right now is that we’re not expecting The Master. Russell T. Davis has talked about how The Master has been done a lot, and it’s time to move on. There’s a new pantheon of gods coming in, which The Toymaker and Maestro make up. The One Who Waits is likely part of that pantheon as well. Could it be someone else from the classic series, or is it someone completely new?

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