The plot grows thicker as The Doctor and Ruby recognize Susan Twist in Doctor Who

Susan Twist was in another episode of Doctor Who, this time as Penny Pepper-Bean. This time, both The Doctor and Ruby recognized her, causing the plot around Twist's storyline to grow thicker.
Doctor Who Dot and Bubble
Doctor Who Dot and Bubble /

Doctor Who brought an episode that had a dark and chilling ending, but had the most unlikable main character ever. It also cause the plot around Susan Twist’s inclusion in the story to grow thicker.

In Doctor Who Season 14, Episode 5, titled “Dot and Bubble,” Susan Twist stepped into the role as Penny Pepper-Bean, the mother of Lindy, who The Doctor and Ruby were trying to save. Penny only appeared on the screen in a video message sent to Lindy, with Penny reminding her daughter that she is just a phone call away and to look up to the sky.

In the end, Lindy found out that “Mummy” had “gone to The Sky.” The Homeworld had been destroyed by the slug monsters that were taking out the planet Lindy and her friends were on.

However, the twist with Twist being Penny brought up something bigger. It’s the first time both The Doctor and Ruby recognized her.

Will The Doctor start questioning Susan Twist’s characters in Doctor Who?

It’s been clear from the beginning that Russell T. Davis had a bigger plan in mind for Twist showing up a lot. There was even the hint that Twist would play a role in the season finale during “The Devil’s Chord” as everyone sang “There’s Always a Twist at the End.”

“Dot and Bubble” is the first time Twist has been recognized by both The Doctor and Ruby. During “73 Yards,” Ruby did recognize her, but The Doctor wasn’t with her. It’s not clear if Ruby recognizing her comes from some partial potential “memories” of that alternate future or because of something else.

The Doctor immediately said that Twist’s character was the face of the ambulance just a few episodes earlier, but Ruby says that she recognizes Twist from somewhere else. The first speaking role Twist had this season was in “The Devil’s Chord,” so it’s possible that this is where Ruby recognizes her from.

Of course, the question is when The Doctor will start to get suspicious. He didn’t seem too bothered about Penny’s face being the face of the ambulance. The whole plot point was quickly forgotten about due to the danger in the actual episode.

Is it possible that Twist’s character is actually the same character but takes on a different name in each episode? Is it possible that this character is a little like Clara Oswald, who kept reviving the same look throughout generations? It’s clear the “Twist at the End” has to be linked to Twist in the finale, and we can’t wait for the next episode to see how she turns up and what The Doctor thinks this time.

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