Yes, Susan Twist turned up again in Doctor Who

The Twist theory continues in the world of Doctor Who. Susan Twist turned up again as another character in the season.
The Doctor ((Ncuti Gatwa) in the Doctor Who Christmas Special 2023.
The Doctor ((Ncuti Gatwa) in the Doctor Who Christmas Special 2023. /

Russell T. Davis doesn’t do anything without a plan. When it came to Susan Twist being in four recent episodes of Doctor Who as four different characters, many fans theorized that it would mean something. I just wanted to see if she would turn up in another episode.

Yes, Twist was in the newest episode of Doctor Who. She was the woman in the ambulance.

By the way, did anyone else feel like the ambulances were Dalek inspired? Does that mean something as well? Is it a new form of Dalek created by technology?

Technology became the bad guy in Doctor Who

The episode was interesting as it didn’t involve the usual type of bad guy. This wasn’t a case of The Doctor going up against an alien species or some sort of witch or magical force. The episode involved technology.

Set on a distant planet that faced war, the ambulance became the villain of the story. Yes, tech became the bad guy, although really, you can say that it was the creator of the tech that was actually the villain of the story. The Doctor realized that the tech had managed to create the monster.

When the soldiers came to the planet with a show of force, the technology believed that war had started. The tech had adapted to create the sense of an attacker, even though there was nothing actually there. As soldiers were injured, the tech would assess injuries and “humanely euthanize” them if their injuries were considered too expensive (whether due to the treatment or the length of time) to treat.

The more scared people got, the more they would spend on tech. The only way to save The Doctor and everyone around them was for the tech to be taken over and rewired from the inside.

The Doctor also said “Dad to Dad”

There are a few theories about who Susan Twist could actually be in the Doctor Who universe. She just keeps popping up, and we know that this series doesn’t do anything for no reason.

The clue to all of this may be in the fact that The Doctor keeps referencing his family. In “The Devil’s Chord” he talked about his granddaughter, Susan. Then in this latest episode, he said “Dad to Dad.” It’s a reminder that he has a daughter, who may still be out there.

Could this constant reminder be connected to Susan Twist’s continued appearance? Let’s see who she appears as in the next episode.

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