Does Susan Twist's recurring appearance in Doctor Who mean something bigger?

Susan Twist has been in four episodes of Doctor Who in the last few months. She's played a different character each time, and fans can't help wonder if this means something.
Doctor Who. Credit: BBC Studios
Doctor Who. Credit: BBC Studios /

There’s always a twist at the end…and it looks like in each episode of Doctor Who Season 14! Susan Twist has appeared in four episodes since the 60th Anniversary specials, and each time, she has played a different character.

Eagle-eyed fans will have spotted Twist in “Wild Blue Yonder,” “The Church on Ruby Road,” “Space Babies,” and “The Devil’s Chord.” The last of the episodes is the most notable as she spoke directly to Fifteen, charging him a Half Crown for his and Ruby’s tea.

Of course, Doctor Who is known for included subtle references of things that only crop up later. The first season of New Who saw “Bad Wolf” constantly show up, hinting at something bigger at the end of Eccleston’s season. We saw Jenna Coleman pop up in previous seasons of Doctor Who before becoming the companion to Eleven after the Ponds.

Is Susan Twist’s character “The One Who Waits”

The series has mentioned “The One Who Waits” a few times now. The Toymaker initially said that he avoided The One Who Waits and didn’t challenge them to a game. Then Maestro shared that The One Who Waits is coming. What if The One Who Waits is subtly already there?

The end of “The Devil’s Chord” even seemed to hint that Twist is something bigger. The song everyone danced to was “There’s Always a Twist at the End,” and that didn’t seem to fit the episode itself. Instead, it seems to hint that Susan Twist could end up appearing in the final episode of this season.

Did The Doctor mentioning his granddaughter mean something in Doctor Who?

There was some focus on explaining who The Doctor is in the first episode. That’s common as a new companion comes in, and it allows new audiences to understand The Doctor’s backstory. In the second episode, there was a mention of Susan, The Doctor’s granddaughter.

However, The Doctor went on to share that all the Time Lords are dead. He’s the last of them. That suggests that his granddaughter is gone, but what if she isn’t? What if she found a way to survive? It is plausible. The Doctor’s daughter, Jenny, is out there flying around as well. It does suggest that The Doctor isn’t alone, and the twist at the end could be that Twist’s character is connected to Susan in some way. It breaks the fourth wall, but then Doctor Who has broken the fourth wall a few times now.

We know Russell T. Davis is known for slow-burn plots, and he doesn’t do things without a reason. So, look out for Twist in more episodes to piece together who she is.

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