Who is Maestro connected to in Doctor Who?

There were many theories that Maestro would be connected to The Master in Doctor Who. Russell T. Davis shut that down, but this character is connected to someone we've already met.
Doctor Who. Credit: BBC Studios
Doctor Who. Credit: BBC Studios /

There was something familiar about Maestro, played by Jinkx Monsoon, in Doctor Who. That was clear from all the promo material for the character, and it didn’t take long for fans to speculate a connection.

The camp and wonderful villain of “The Devil’s Chord” was immediately connected to The Master. After all, the names were similar enough to fit. Well, Russel T. Davis quickly shut down those suggestions. The Master has been done so many times, and it was time to focus on something else.

That didn’t mean Maestro wasn’t connected to someone we’d already met. There is clearly an ongoing theme that we’re sure is going to come up at the end of this season.

Maestro is connected to a Special villain in Doctor Who

The connection was explained during “The Devil’s Chord.” Maestro is the child of a villain from one of the 60th anniversary specials. Maestro is the child of the Toymaker.

It looks like the Toymaker and Maestro are the start of a new pantheon of gods. Will this have a connection to the pantheon of gods of the past? Are they connected to Roman, Greek, or Norse mythology in anyway? This is left to be seen at the moment.

However, Maestro shared something similar to the Toymaker with The Doctor. There is something much bigger coming.

Who is The One Who Waits?

When the Toymaker played the game with David Tennant’s Doctor, he mentioned that there was only one he didn’t play against. This person was too powerful. It is “The One Who Waits.”

It’s led to a few theories about what’s to come. Would that be linked to The Master? Well, that wasn’t possible considering the Toymaker showed that he did play against The Master and now The Master was locked in the golden tooth. So, would it be Rory, who waited for Amy for centuries? No, this seems to be connected to this idea of bringing in a new pantheon of gods, and it’s possible that it’s someone mentioned on only seen briefly in the Classic Who series.

Maestro suggested that this villain is going to come up soon. They said “The One Who Is Waiting,” which suggests that the villain is planning some sort of attack. They’re in the wings, just waiting to pounce at the right time.

Could this actually be linked to the elderly woman in the Christmas Day special? She knows about The Doctor and she broke the fourth wall to make it clear that she knows something much bigger. Is she the one who is waiting?

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