Sam Heughan needs an Emmy after his performance on Outlander Season 5, Episode 7

Outlander -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson, STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson, STARZ /

When it comes to Emmy considerations, STARZ better send in Outlander Season 5, Episode 7. Sam Heughan deserves an Emmy after that performance.

There’s no denying that Outlander has continually been overlooked by the awarding bodies. After Outlander Season 5, Episode 7, things need to change. Sam Heughan deserves an Emmy after that performance.

We had a chance to see him as a militia officer in the middle of a battle. Once again, he led his troops, but this time, he didn’t want to fight. Those on the other side weren’t ready for battle; not really. Plus, he was up against his godfather.

Yet, it came down to his family and tenants on the Ridge. He needed to follow the orders of Governor Tryon, even though he didn’t want to. In the end, it all led to Murtagh being killed after saving Jamie’s life. And I love that Jamie didn’t shout at the man who killed Murtagh; simply following an order he thought he was meant to. Jamie held back to give Murtagh the final moment needed.

This was the moment it was clear Sam Heughan deserves an Emmy for this episode. We felt every single emotion Jamie was feeling just from the expressions on Sam’s face. We could feel the shock, the anger, the grief, and so much more. There was panic as Jamie tried everything to save Murtagh, and then the despair as he realized that Claire couldn’t do anything.

“I take it back.” Those words still stand out. Jamie told a deceased Murtagh that he didn’t release Murtagh from the oath anymore. He still needs Murtagh in his life; still needs Murtagh to protect him.

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The performance didn’t stop there

It wasn’t all about the loss. After all, we’ve seen characters on Outlander show their grief over a body before. We’ve watched Caitriona Balfe snubbed after “Faith.” We’ve watched Sam Heughan completely overlooked after his performance in Outlander Season 3’s “Of Lost Things.”

What makes Outlander Season 5, Episode 7 different? It’s about Jamie’s reactions after Murtagh’s death.

Removing the jacket, Jamie makes it extremely clear that he never agreed with anything Tryon did. We’d seen him hold his emotions back for the sake of his family, but he’d had enough. You could see the anger radiating off Jamie throughout the scene, as he stated that his debt to the crown was paid.

And then, he threw the jacket on the ground. He didn’t care for Tryon thought at this moment. His godfather was dead. Everything he tried to stop had failed once more. History was repeating itself just as he feared; just as Brianna thought.

Everything about this episode came together. It is, by far, my favorite episode of the entire fifth season. It’s one of my favorite episodes of the series as a whole. There was a lot write about this, from dialogue to direction with the battle. Now it’s time to make it perfect by giving Sam Heughan the Emmy he deserves.

By the way, I know there are questions why I didn’t put Jamie’s reaction in my best Jamie moments from the episode. It’s because Murtagh’s death was bigger than just about Jamie. It’s one of the best moments from the entire episode.

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Outlander Season 5 returns with all-new episodes on Apr. 12 on STARZ.