Outlander recap: The Battle of Alamance takes place with devastating consequences

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Outlander Season 5, Episode 7 delivered a powerful and heartbreaking episode. Here’s a recap of the events, including the Battle of Alamance losses.

I’m starting this Outlander recap with a lump in my throat. Everything about the buildup to this episode felt like the Season 2 episode focused on Prestonpans, and there’s a reason for that. The entire episode felt like Prestonpans, with war, death, and heartbreak.

I commend the writers for creating this episode. And it’s because of this episode that I remain grateful that Murtagh didn’t die at Culloden. I’ve felt more connected to the Regulator storyline than I did when reading “The Fiery Cross.” More felt on the line and I could feel Jamie’s torn allegiance between both sides.

But enough of the intro and onto the recap for Outlander Season 5, Episode 7. You had your tissues ready for this episode, right?

Caution: There are major spoilers and I think you definitely need to watch this episode before reading the recap.

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The battle will happen

It all started with Jamie readying his militia for a war. Bree and Roger said goodbye and everyone prepared for what they knew would happen. As the Regulators try one more time to prevent war with a “list of demands,” as Governor Tryon put it, Brianna learned where the battle would take place.

“Alamance Creek…something happened here,” Brianna commented, but she couldn’t remember the details. It’s only as she thinks carefully about her high school history lessons that she remembers enough to warn Jamie, Claire, and Roger that this the battle. It’s the one that leads to the end of the Regulators.

Brianna doesn’t have many details, but knows enough to warn Jamie that Murtagh and his men will die. The problem is without this battle, America won’t become America.

Jamie, Claire, and Roger are sure there could be another spark for the American Revolution. So, Roger rides off to warn Murtagh to prevent the battle from taking place. Meanwhile, Jamie puts on a front to gather his militia.

Roger runs into family

The attempt to prevent the battle fails, but that’s not all that’s trouble for Roger. He runs into Morag MacKenzie, finding out that her husband is one of those with the Regulators. She’s also pregnant and can’t just run off. There’s nowhere to go.

As Roger offers her a place at Fraser’s Ridge and hugs her, Buck MacKenzie (Morag’s husband) shows up. Buck is played by non-other than Graham McTavish, which was certainly an exciting reveal. Sadly, we can’t remain happy as Buck knocks Roger out viewing him as the enemy.

Uh oh!

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Jamie puts on the uniform

Just before the Battle of Alamance takes place, Governor Tryon has a demand of Jamie. To prevent Jamie from accidentally being shot, Tryon wants Jamie to wear the uniform of the British Army. Well, the jacket at the very least. It’s clearly a show of power, marking Jamie as being on the side of the British.

In front of John Quincy Myers and others, Jamie has no choice but to wear the red coat. He hates every second of it, and Claire can also see how much he hates it. She’s shocked but understands that he had to do this for himself and his family’s lives.

It certainly sets the tone for the rest of the episode.

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The Battle of Alamance takes place

For much of Outlander Season 5, Episode 7, the focus was on the Battle of Alamance. There are cannons exploding and there are times that it looks like the Regulators are organized enough to win.

However, the British Army get the upper hand and take down the rebellion. Jamie is about to be attacked at one point when Murtagh pushes one of his Regulators out of the way and saves Jamie’s life. Sadly, it leads to Murtagh being shot by one of Jamie’s militiamen.

Jamie holds Murtagh as he dies, but then gets JQM and the man who shot Murtagh to help him get Murtagh back to Claire. Surely Claire can save him, right?

Even if Murtagh was alive, I don’t think there’s much Claire would be able to do. The shot went through his chest and Claire’s syringe for the penicillin had been destroyed by one of the Browns (because Claire was going to help Isaiah and made it clear she realized Isaiah had been shot by one of the Browns).

It didn’t matter, though. Murtagh was already dead, going out a hero to protect Jamie. There was no way that he was going to be released from an oath he made to Ellen MacKenzie Fraser all those years ago.

After Murtagh’s death, we see the British Army win and gather all the Regulator traitors. Angry at the loss of his godfather, Jamie has a few choice words for Governor Tryon, making it clear that this battle has now released him from his debt and obligation to the crown. He is now a free man. And you know you want to cheer but you’re still devastated at the loss of Murtagh.

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Trying to find Roger

With the battle over, attention can turn to Roger, who never returned to fight at the Battle of Alamance. Everyone had tried to hold it together, but it was clear that something had happened to him.

As they head to the location the Regulators had gathered, everyone comes across a group of people hanged at a tree. Governor Tryon had ordered the execution of traitors. While they all have bags over their heads, Jamie, Brianna, and Claire recognize the body of one.

Roger is hanging, one hand in the rope around his neck. Bree and Claire can just watch as Jamie arranges for Roger’s body to be lowered.

Is this it for Roger MacKenzie? Are his fears of leaving Jemmy without a father coming true? We’ll find out in two weeks.

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What did you think of the way the Battle of Alamance was filmed? What did you think of the ending to Murtagh’s storyline? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Outlander Season 5 returns with an all-new episode on Apr. 12 at 8/7c on STARZ.