Outlander Season 5: Sophie Skelton’s favorite Bree line from The Fiery Cross

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center /

There are many questions about whether Brianna can really forgive Jamie in Outlander Season 5. Sophie Skelton shares her favorite Bree line from The Fiery Cross to indicate forgiveness has already happened.

In Outlander Season 4, we saw the meeting but the breakdown between father and daughter. Brianna was furious with Jamie’s actions but she made it clear to Murtagh that she’d already forgiven Jamie. Sophie Skelton shares her favorite Bree line from “The Fiery Cross,” but will it make it to Outlander Season 5?

Brianna is certainly a bratty teenager in Outlander Seasons 2 and 3. While she has some growing up to do in Season 4, she still has to find herself while dealing with a time period when she’s lesser than many around her because she’s a woman. In Season 5, she has to grow up even more, becoming a mother and wife earlier than she probably would have done if she’d stayed in her own time.

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But that’s not what’s up for debate right now. Part of growing up is forgiving indiscretions or bad decisions. Outlander Season 5 will see the relationship between Jamie and Brianna develop, and that includes some forgiveness. We already know that Bree has forgiven Jamie. Skelton told Parade that forgiving Jamie was easy.

For her, the hardest thing to forgive was that right to revenge. Brianna would have wanted to get her own back on Bonnet and Jamie, in a way, took some of that chance from her. Brianna knows, deep down, that going after Roger wasn’t intentional — well, it being Roger wasn’t the intentional part!

In “The Fiery Cross,” Brianna understands that Roger being the one to take the beating was a misunderstanding. It’s done under slightly different pretenses in the book but in the show, it was just an honest mistake. Lizzie put two and two together and came up with five based on the events that she witnessed.

This is where the line from “The Fiery Cross” comes into play. Skelton shares that she loves that Bree points out if anyone was to blame for the mess it was Lizzie. However, nobody blames her. Okay, there are certainly fans of the show and books that blame Lizzie but none of the characters blame her and that’s what is important in this part of the storyline.

It looks like all that drama with Bonnet and the Natives will be over in Outlander Season 5. It does have to be considering the focus will move onto the Redcoats and the Regulators.

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What is your favorite line from “The Fiery Cross?” What do you hope to see for Brianna in Outlander Season 5? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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