Outlander Season 5: Sophie Skelton tries to keep something modern about Brianna

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Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

One thing that fans have to remember is that Brianna isn’t a woman of the past. For Outlander Season 5, Sophie Skelton wants to keep an element of the 60s about Brianna.

Brianna Randall Fraser is a woman out of time. After heading through the stones to save her parents, she’s been thrown into the deep end of 18th-century expectations but it’s important not to forget where she came from. And that’s something Sophie Skelton wants to remember during Outlander Season 5.

During an interview with Parade, Skelton shared that sometimes she wants to keep something modern about the character. She may want to throw in an “okay” or include modern words or phrasing in moments of anger.

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We’ve certainly seen some of that during the fourth season. As a woman of 1960s America, she certainly had far more progressive views about the world. She even had more progressive views than Roger, a man of the 60s but of 60s Britain. She wanted an intimate relationship with the marriage for a long time, not even sure if she was ready to marry or if she loved Roger enough.

Despite being a woman of the 60s, she was a child then. That’s something we tend to forget. In a way, she was babied by her parents, constantly spoiled by them as they either fought each other for her affection or they tried to be the “better parent.” Her attitude towards Jamie wasn’t all that surprising considering her upbringing and the time she came from.

It has been in anger that she’s shown her modern ways. When she can think about how to act for the time period she manages it. We all let our guards down in moments of anger or forget the roles we’re trying to play, so it makes sense that Skelton would consider bringing modern moments into these times for the character.

And now she needs to grow up. Yet, she can’t lose everything about her. Skelton doesn’t want that to happen but it is becoming difficult. Apparently, corsets aren’t the easiest costumes to move around in (that’s not all that surprising) and it affects the ability to bring a part of the 1960s into the 1760s.

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